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Free essays on Puerto Rico provide students with insightful, well-researched, and informative content that shed light on the history, culture, and current affairs of this beautiful Caribbean island. These essays delve into various topics such as the impact of colonization, political status, natural disasters, music, arts, and traditions. They are an excellent resource for students seeking to understand the complexities and nuances of Puerto Rican society and its people. These essays are packed with facts, figures, and statistics, making them perfect for research and academic purposes. Written by experts in the field, they offer an intelligent and nuanced perspective on Puerto Rico's past, present, and future.
An Introduction to the Country of Puerto Rico
Words • 279
Pages • 2
Puerto Rico has the status of an autonomous territory of the United States. The inhabitants of Puerto Rico are the US citizens. However, there are different positions about the status of this region. According to Meacham (2015), the number of the supporters of statehood and commonwealth status is almost equal. So, the primary objective of this investigation is to analyze if Puerto Rico should become a State. First, it is necessary to highlight the fundamental issues of Puerto Rico. In…...
GovernmentPoliticsPuerto Rico
PR and US Legislature & Rights Differences
Words • 4250
Pages • 17
In this paper I analyze how the history of Puerto Rico's colonization has affected its development as a commonwealth of the United States. The intention of reviewing Puerto Rico's current political strife is to promote an in-depth discussion about how it affects the citizens and their connection to an uncertain political future of territory, statehood, or nationhood. Through academic literature on the history of Puerto Rico and research on the socioeconomic outcome of that history this study will set basic…...
NationalismPoliticsPuerto Rico
Drug Epidemic in Puerto Rico
Words • 1717
Pages • 7
Puerto Rico notoriously has a very bad drug problem. Many of the nation's citizens awake daily only to fight a constant battle of drug addiction. More recently, the nation has seen an increase in the use of widely-popular drugs such as cannabis and cocaine in addition to an increase in the use of rather unconventional drugs such as horse tranquilizers. This said, in addition to the lingering and persisting drug issues that exist within the country's borders, Puerto Rico's drug-related…...
AddictionPuerto RicoSubstance Abuse
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The Mishandling of Race and Ethnicity in the Movie Musical
Words • 2255
Pages • 10
Since the beginning of film itself, music has been a key element in the storytelling aspect, whether it be through the use of a live orchestra or pre-recorded instrumental tracks. The movie musical, however, appears to be in a category of its own, using a combination of both song and narrative elements to convey stories from an entirely new perspective. These stories can range from a heroic war tale to a passionate romantic saga. Yet, there is one story the…...
Puerto Rico
Effects of Hurricane in Puerto Rico
Words • 720
Pages • 3
Last September Puerto Rico was hit with a devastating hurricane that left the country in a humanitarian and environmental crisis. Many residents fled the country and sought out shelter with family or independently in the United States or other safe countries. The remaining residents endured power outages for months, water contamination, homes they lived in destroyed, and a loss of self. A full circle year later and some residents are still experiencing power outages lasting one to two days, roofs…...
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico’s Water Pollution
Words • 1588
Pages • 7
Puerto Rico is a thriving country, but has been struck unfortunately by hurricanes and polluted water. Contaminations in the country’s water systems had risen over the last three decades. When Hurricane Maria hit, Puerto Ricans struggled to find a source of clean water because of the damaged buildings, sewage, gasoline, and other wastewater substances. (Pearlman, 2016) The danger does not stop as the water infrastructure had been contaminated and pierced with multiple holes. Slowly, the island is getting back up…...
Puerto Rico
Cultural Property of Puerto Rico
Words • 548
Pages • 3
In the society we live in today, I’m realizing more that there is a lot to the word culture itself. Culture is a macro-level social force that has significant impact on the different patterns of human behavior that we observe around the world across the United States. There is a lot you can talk about when it comes to this topic. Learning about Puerto Rico cultural values, culture norms, cultural symbols, material culture and non-material cultural through my observations has…...
CultureFamilyPuerto Rico
Traditions That Immigrated to Puerto Rico
Words • 1244
Pages • 5
The first American area to be populated by African immigrants was the Caribbean. The entering population had a strong influence of their own culture which impacted the region for years to come. Traditional art, food, dance, and music had migrated with them. Immigrants from all over the world impacted America with their own traditions. Living in New York we see that beautiful mix just walking down the street. Halal trucks on every corner with lines filled with every type of…...
CultureMusicPuerto Rico
Leptospirosis’ Presence in the Population Subsequent to Hurricane Maria
Words • 733
Pages • 3
Disasters can leave a path of destruction in their wake and in that aftermath, infectious diseases have the opportunity to affect individuals at a vulnerable point in their lives. Disaster management plans would ideally address these multifaceted aspects, including effective prevention of an influx of infectious diseases or outbreaks within the afflicted population. In respect to the most recent hurricane season of 2017, leptospirosis had an increased presence in Puerto Rico after the occurrence of Hurricane Maria. “Leptospirosis is an…...
DrinkingPuerto RicoWater
The Tragedy That Happened in Puerto Rico
Words • 1389
Pages • 6
Due to hurricane Maria, people have lost loved ones, cut short on food and water, lost homes, and have no electricity. For four days after the enormous sea tempest made landfall, Trump and his assistants remained quiet as the island battled with little to none resources. It was only after two weeks until our President Donald Trump visited the catastrophic island and offered his “helping hand”. This is due to poor organization, uncoordinated decisions, and no care by our president.…...
Donald TrumpHurricanePuerto Rico
Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
Words • 838
Pages • 4
For over a year data on Hurricane Maria has been misleading, conflicting, and just plain wrong. Maria was the deadliest storm to ever hit the region; in fact, Puerto Rico continues to struggle its way back to normalcy over a year later. One of its biggest obstacles was inaccurate data reporting. The Puerto Rican government has faced harsh criticism for their' inability to accurately account for deaths related to the storm. Another obstacle was lack of aid from the American…...
Donald TrumpHurricanePuerto Rico
Service Learning Culture Project  Puerto Rico
Words • 2476
Pages • 10
 Location and Learning Environment My name is Sydney Hood. I am in my Junior year at University of Central Florida. I am majoring in Elementary Education. I do not have any prior teaching experience; however, I have been volunteering a local elementary school for one year. I did my service learning at Clermont Elementary in Clermont Florida. Clermont Elementary is a Tittle 1 school with many ESOL students. While at the school this semester, I tutored one girl who was…...
English LanguagePuerto RicoSpanish Language
Cultural Meaning of Aging Among Puerto Ricans 
Words • 763
Pages • 4
Aging is often met with reservations as this entails dependence and lack of agency. The degree of family ties also affects the perception of aging with countries having lesser family bond such as United States preferring to send the elderly to healthcare institutions such as nursing homes. The qualitative study of Todorova and colleagues involving Puerto Rican old adults illustrates that economic, political, and cultural factors affect the perception of aging. The study investigated the lived experience and the meaning…...
HealthPuerto RicoQualitative Research
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