Cultural Property of Puerto Rico

In the society we live in today, I’m realizing more that there is a lot to the word culture itself. Culture is a macro-level social force that has significant impact on the different patterns of human behavior that we observe around the world across the United States. There is a lot you can talk about when it comes to this topic. Learning about Puerto Rico cultural values, culture norms, cultural symbols, material culture and non-material cultural through my observations has been very interesting.

Exploring what they have done differently in their culture compared to others.

The cultural values are the core and ideals of which the community exists. The values in Puerto Rico are made from several parts: Family, respect, education and language; Those are the values that Puerto Ricans hold dearest to them. Looking at Puerto Rican families is an important factor. Family plays a big part as in any other culture. Their taught to respect one another especially their elders.

Education is another important part because in schools English is required as a second language. What I find interesting about their culture is that the learning process is done by nonverbal observations instead of verbal communication instructions. As it is expected the child must learn how to learn Spanish in order to communicate with family members. The child is expected to understand the history of their family. The children must know that the Dad plays as the provider of the family, the mother looks over the well-being of their children.

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The grandparents play the big role because they have the most authority over the family’s decisions. There are a lot of different values that are like what we have in the United States but compared to the cultural norms they are totally different.

Cultural Norms are the standards that we live by. They share hopes and rules that guide people within social groups. In Puerto Rico, traditions are an important part of the country’s culture. When a plane lands back on the airport runway people usually clap their hands as a sign and gesture of thanks. Another example is how they celebrate the Christmas Holiday. They can celebrate the holiday throughout the new year up until January 6.

Cultural Symbols are gestures or objects that have meaning. People who share a culture will recognize it. Puerto Rico has their flag as one example of a symbol of who they are and where they came from. In Puerto Rico the culture shares the symbol called Coat of Arms which was made on June 3, 1976. The green background represents the vegetation of Puerto Rico, the Lamb of the God and cross flag are showing the patron saint of the island the book that lays upon the lamb is the book of revelations. The shield in the background of the Coat of arms is bordered by 16 elements which are the castles, lions which represent the Kingdom of Castile and Leon.

Another is material culture which is the object or belongings of a group of people. Nonmaterial culture are the ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of society. One of the materials that they have made are different types of homemade jewelry using string and any time of arts and crafts that they have made themselves using stone, seeds and glass.

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