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Free essays on political cartoon provide readers with valuable insights into the meaning and significance of these visual representations of political events and issues. These essays analyze how political cartoons communicate political messages, offer insightful interpretation of the symbols and characters used in cartoons, and explore the context in which they were created. By reading these essays, readers gain a deeper understanding of political cartoons as a form of political commentary and satire. Moreover, the essays help readers appreciate the role of political cartoons in shaping public opinion and promoting change.
Congressional Monopoly by Joseph Keppler
Words • 449
Pages • 2
The tum of the 19th century was marked by the rise of big businesses and the formation of trusts. Accompanying this, many issues emerged as a few people, namely the heads of the industries, controlled almost ninety percent of the nation’s wealth. To expose these surfacing problems, many journalists and members of the media wrote articles or created political cartoons on the topics at hand. During the late 19th century, Joseph Keppler created the political cartoon “Monopoly” which followed the…...
Political Cartoon
Comparing Deaths: Obesity, Tobacco, Alcohol, Ebola
Words • 519
Pages • 3
In this political cartoon, the deaths of obesity, tobacco, and alcohol are compared to the deaths of ebola. The statisticc shows that there are 300,000 deaths from obesity each year, 450,000 deaths from tobacco each year, and 88,000 deaths from alcohol each year. The man in the cartoon is sarcastically putting that all of these deaths combined make up the deaths of people to ebola around the world A technique of satire that is being used is hyperbole. The man…...
Political Cartoon
Thinking And Persuading on Political Topics
Words • 665
Pages • 3
I have found that politics is growing topic the older you get. Figuring out my political beliefs and why I side with them is something that I am eager to keep learning about. I grew up in a family where we did not really talk about political beliefs. When I was a child my parents wanted my brother and myself to come to terms with our political standings on our own. This is something that I am very grateful for.…...
Political CartoonPolitical Party
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The Responsibility of The U.S. Government Rests With President Trump
Words • 1104
Pages • 5
The government shutdown of 2018-2019 was the longest of its kind in United States history and the second federal shutdown involving the presidency of Donald Trump. Responsibility of the lengthy furlough of the United States government lies with President Trump who has demanded 5.7 billion dollars in taxpayer money to proceed with the construction of a border wall. The wall, which separates the U.S.-Mexico border, was a central promise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and despite convincing the citizens of…...
Political CartoonSymbolism
Thomas Nast Results
Words • 324
Pages • 2
Thomas Nast: The Father of Political Cartoons Often considered the father of Political cartoons, Thomas Nast developed a style of reporting the news that captured the attention of his audience in a way that reporters never knew existed. His style of political reporting comically mocked Government officials and worked to end political corruption in the years after the Civil War. His ability to sway people's political opinions with his style of art makes him a very influential political artist even…...
CommunicationPolitical Cartoon
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