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Cuba Essay
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Cuba is full of rich history, culture, unique religions, ethnic blends, and government policies.They have a Government so well known for it’s trickery, deceit, lies, and backstabbing.They also are becoming a new tourist hotspot. people have been flocking there since 1992, when tourism from the United States was allowed.The leader of Cuba is the 84 year old Fidel Castro who has turned Cuba into a Communist society. Most communist states fall shortly after their beginning.Cuba, however, has survived trade and…...
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Hypothetical Proposal
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As a member of the Economic Committee, I urge the President to reconsider America’s trade relations with Cuba and start a new era of economic co-operation and trust. There are good reasons why such reconsideration is warranted. Much has changed since the Cuban revolution that occurred in the middle of last century. At that time, global politics was seeing rapid changes and the world was divided into two counteracting poles. While it was unfortunate that Cuba choose to align with…...
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Fidel Castro Rise To Power
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Cuba’s government is currently a totalitarian state since the revolution on January 1st in 1959. The head of state is currently Fidel Castro, also the Chief of State, as well as the Head of Government, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, and Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born August 13th in 1926 to Angel Castro, a Spanish farmer living fairly well in Biran, Orient province. Growing up Angel Castro had big plans…...
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