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Governmental Centralization occurs when the Federal government controls federal / nation-level matters and concerns, such as Foreign Policy, immigration, and National Defense. Conversely, with Administrative Centralization, the Federal government also controls local government matters across an entire country. This means the Federal Government controls even menial matters such as zoning and permitting, parks and road maintenance, or city planning. The American governing system is based on Governmental Centralization, leaving the management of local matters to state and local governments. Governmental…...
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Immortality vs Community Greatness
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Life itself is an interesting and complex spectacle. We wander around trying to figure our own, and while doing so, we affect others around us whether we realize it or not. Regardless, if we feel as though we live a public or private life, all things considered, everything we do makes a drop in the pool. In current times, most grow up, get an education, then acquire some sort of livelihood with a career. Even with the very fundamentals of…...
Democracy In America
Annotated Bibliography. Religiosity
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Adams, John. Letter to Massachusetts Militia. October 11, 1798. (accessed 2019 January, 27). This letter from John Adams to the Officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts written October 11, 1798, encourages the troops to maintain their commitment to religion and morality. Further warning the troops of the consequences should the people violate their moral and religious obligations, for the sake of the nation and the Constitution, Adams reminds them in the…...
Democracy In America
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Is Culture an Impediment to Political Development?
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Abb, Pascal, and Alan Hao Yang. “The Impact of Democratization, Political Culture, and Diplomatic Isolation on Think-Tank Development in Taiwan.” Pacific Affairs, vol. 91, no. 1, 2018, pp. 73–94., DOI: “Taiwan followed up on its economic liberalization with a gradual retreat of its authoritarian one-party state in the late 1980s, resulting in free elections at all levels of government by 1996 and, today, a consolidated democracy that its citizens enthusiastically participate in” (Pascal and Yang). Taiwan found a way to…...
Democracy In America
The Desire to Improve Society
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Despite being simply manifested in the Swahili Proverb “unity is strength, the division is weakness,” the central facet of human culture towards purposeful collectivity remains mystifying. Many in politics, as it seems to be especially in modern Western culture, profess an emotionally-charged drive towards unity, yet their actions reveal a divergent motivation. To this end, one may claim a profound passion for removing racial bias from one’s nation, yet one’s stances on domestic policy and immigration may suggest a contrasting…...
Democracy In America
Participation in American Democracy
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For a great number of citizens around the world democracy may mean what teachers taught them in history class or being able to get the chance to vote. However, democracy is something were all in control of and being able to have that freedom to impact your own life in various ways is significant. Democracy is the opportunity to use that freedom and make your own decisions, good or bad, espicially when it comes down to voting for a specific…...
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Ideals and Principles of American Democracy
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There are many ideals and principles of American Democracy. Just to name a few would consist of popular sovereignty, rule of law, separation of powers and federalism. To start, popular sovereignty is the idea that people are the ultimate source of authority of government. Events like free elections and different forms of participation are essential to democracy because elected officials are always accountable to the people they serve. It is effective because with the majority vote, citizens have a voice…...
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