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William Byrd, John Smith, and Mary Rowlandson
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In American literature, it is important to study all types of literature to discover the reality of life in the past. Memoirs, documentaries, and diaries are among useful literature necessary in this quest for discovery. When determining the usefulness of a piece of American literature, one must consider how the piece impacts our view of colonial life and values as well as American culture as a whole. William Byrd, John Smith, and Mary Rowlandson are three great examples of writers…...
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The Sovereignty and Goodness of God
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The word “religion” can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the specific individual’s beliefs. However, “religion” is officially defined as the belief and worship of a superhuman power, especially a personal god or gods(Merriam-Webster). Many people in today’s society rely on their religion to carry them through their everyday lives and guide them in making important decisions. In The Sovereignty and Goodness of God, Mary Rowlandson sheds light on her personal spiritual experience while being held captive by…...
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Three Areas Of Work
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Over the course of six weeks, we were assigned many reading assignments. In those six weeks, three bodies of work stood out to me. The first work that stood out to me was, “From a narrative of Captivity” by Mary Rowlandson. Second would be “The General History of Virginia” by John Smith, and lastly “On Equality of the sexes” by Judith Sargent Murray. In the first work, “From a Narrative of Captivity” by Mary Rowlandson was a spiritual journey. In…...
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Not an Easy Life Mary Rowlandson
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Mary Rowlandson wrote the autobiography, “The Sovereignty and Goodness of God.” She was born in England therefore she was British, however she then moved to Massachusetts during her teenage years. “The Sovereignty and Goodness of God” was published in Cambridge, Massachusetts and in London in 1681. And the genre is a captive narrative. Mary Rowlandson tells the story of events that she has experienced from her captivity. On February 10th in 1675, Mary Rowlandson and her family notice Native Americans…...
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Relations Between Colonists and Native Americans
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Tensions between the colonists and Native Americans were a source of great concern in the seventeenth century. Puritan settlers proved to be both fearful of losing connection to their culture and intrigued by the stories of those who had been taken captive and returned to colonial civilization. These captivity narratives especially gained popularity with the literate, including those whom embraced a view that trials and conflicts were predetermined by God though Divine Providence. In Mary Rowlandson’s “The Narrative of the…...
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Deism Vs Puritanism
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This sample essay on Deism Vs Puritanism reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.In the 17th and 18th centuries, spiritual beliefs become the chief point of focal point in Europe and in the new universe. The first issues with faith trade with Catholicism and Protestantism ; British Catholics became wary of the way of Catholics motivations, so they decide to interrupt off into a new subdivision of Christianity: Protestantism.…...
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ApoloT_A Narrative 3
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The following sample essay describing an experience of kidnapping by Native Americans in A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. A faith that overcomes captivity In A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, the author, a puritan woman, tells her dreadful experience using a pain style of writing to describe her kidnapping by Native Americans.  This captivity narrative marks not only the relationship between the captive and the captor but, more importantly, conveys the…...
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Role of Religion in Early American Literature
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Role of Religion in Early American Literature American Literature, especially of the early settler and colonial period is marked by a deep sense of religion and a stress upon writing about matters related to religion. The development of early American literature thus can be seen to be a reflection of the religious ideals followed by the early settlers and colonists and it became a means of promoting a moral and ethical way of life. Early American literature is filled with…...
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American Literature: Colonial & Early National Period
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1620-1820 The scope of the Colonial and Early National Period. Casas Bartolome de las ______: Spanish historian, social reformer, and Dominican friar, whose extensive accounts of the colonization of the West Indies revealed the atrocities committed by colonizers against the indigenous peoples. Castillo Bernal Diaz del ______: Spanish conquistador, encomendero, and governor in Chiapas and Guatemala, an outspoken critic of the over-blown claims made by Bartolome de las Casas. Thomas Morton Early American colonist from Devon, famed for founding the…...
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American Literature Test 1
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Colonial New England period is also known as what? Puritan Era When was Jamestown established? 1607 When did the Separatists come to the New World? 1620 When did the Puritans come to America? 1630 When the Puritans came to America, where did they land? Massachusetts Bay What are the literary characteristics of the Colonial New England period? Unadorned, simple, useful, natural, utalitarian, didactic, and Biblical What are the Genres of the Colonial New England period? Propaganda (early), sermons, biographies, histories,…...
FlashcardsMary RowlandsonPoetrySinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
Puritan Literature (authors and their works)
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2. William Bradford Of Plymouth Plantation 1. John Smith The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles 4. Mary Rowlandson A Narration of the Captivity and Restoration of Ms. Mary Rowlandson 7. Jonathan Edwards Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God 3. Anne Bradstreet To My Dear and Loving Husband The Prologue The Author to Her Book Upon the Burning of Our House 5. Edward Taylor Upon a Wasp Chilled with Cold Huswifery 6. William Byrd…...
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