Three Areas Of Work

Over the course of six weeks, we were assigned many reading assignments. In those six weeks, three bodies of work stood out to me. The first work that stood out to me was, “From a narrative of Captivity” by Mary Rowlandson. Second would be “The General History of Virginia” by John Smith, and lastly “On Equality of the sexes” by Judith Sargent Murray. In the first work, “From a Narrative of Captivity” by Mary Rowlandson was a spiritual journey. In this work, Mary was held captive by Native Americans for around three months during King Philip’s war.

She endured many tribulations. In Rowlandson’s expedition, she mostly relied on reading her bible and keeping her faith throughout this hardship. Mary understood her voyage by observing the situation by using biblical quotes such as “Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine Heart, wait I say on the Lord”.

This quote is an example of Mary helping the others pass the time by during captivity by reading her bible basically telling them to stay strong.

In the second work, “The Author to her Book” by Anne Bradstreet was an emotional journey. In this work, Anne wrote a book that she didn’t think was that good; however, her friends thought otherwise. Anne’s friends stole her work and published it for her. In the process of it being published, Anne decides to fix her mistakes in the poems, but she ended up making them not so good as before.

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Bradstreet treated her books as if they were offspring and she was “thy mother”. Anne doesn’t want her book getting in the wrong hands, so she says, “In critic’s hands beware thou dost not come, and take thy way where yet thou art not known.”

Lastly, we have “On equality of the sexes” by Judith Sargent Murray was a developmental journey. In this work, Judith wanted others to see that women are equally capable to do things as well as men. The main purpose of this work was recognition and women rights. “They rob us of the power t’improve/ And then declare we only trifles love.” (page 772 lines 37 and 38) In this line she is saying men take control of the problems without the women input, only requesting that women obey and love their men which had little value or importance in the problems at hand.

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