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Analysis of Leo Tolstoy’s theory of art
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In the wake of perusing Tolstoy's theory of art, I began to understand that Tolstoy's tasteful view about the hypothesis of craftsmanship is one of an exemplary position. He portrays workmanship comparable to how it can impact and be a type of an expression for virtues. Tolstoy believe that workmanship is about the showing of thought and how individuals can be centralize to understanding and offering the feelings evoked through craftsmanship. Tolstoy doesn't consider craftsmanship as a workmanship on the off…...
Leo Tolstoy
The Story of Leo Tolstoy “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”
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Pages • 3
The story of one man’s final months: an ordinary, reasonably prosperous, and successful middle-aged Russian judge. He, at first, seemed to have lived a decent life, but then comes to the realization that his life was actually not at all what he thought. Tolstoy’s first draft of this novella was written using first-person perspectives. Then he switched it to the third person. If Tolstoy would have never switched his perspectives, the readers would have missed out on so many different…...
Leo TolstoyThe Death Of Ivan Ilyich
In The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy, the Story of Ivan Ilyich
Words • 1549
Pages • 7
Unlike most stories, the death of Ivan starts the novella, describing how those around him reacted to his death and the after mass of his passing. Following those events, the story of Ivan is told, describing his life and those who surrounded themselves around him. Personally, I believe Ivan’s death begins the novella like this to introduce the reader to the harsh and cold environment that Ivan lived in. The way the society around Ivan reacts to his death is…...
Leo TolstoyThe Death Of Ivan Ilyich
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Anna Karenina Essay
Words • 535
Pages • 3
This novel is driven by the dominant themes of love, passion, loyalty, happiness, and marriage, and is considered by some to be the greatest love story ever written. First published in serial form from 1873 to 1877, Anna Karenina created quite a stir in Russian society. The overall reaction was positive and passionate, and with the novel being published right after Tolstoy’s magnus opus, War and Peace, it officially confirmed his reputation as one of Russia’s most important writers. Two…...
Anna KareninaLeo Tolstoy
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