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Robert John Downey Jr. Is One of the World’s Highest Paid Actors
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Robert John Downey Jr. is one of the world's highest paid actors. Behind his warm smile, lies an unexpected past. Riding the roller coaster of life is a hard thing to do, but how could this man survive? Unlike other actors, his fame is not the only thing that makes him admirable. He is praiseworthy due to his excellent acting performances, his generosity towards others, and his ability to overcome adversity. His fantastic acting skills have pushed him to become…...
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Iron Man: Analysis of Tony Stark’s Character
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In the film Iron Man (2008), Tony Stark is a diligent young adult, and the CEO of his family’s company: Stark Enterprises. Given that he inherited such a large company at such a young age, his personality can be described as narcissistic. However, prior to his successes, he was harbouring the death of his parents, along with his close friend Jarvis. Throughout the film, he deals with a number of traumatic experiences, for instance: nearly dying, and being held captive,…...
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