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Exploring the Science Fiction Genre
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Sabiha R Goriya Intro to Film 100 Final Term Paper 12/01/2018 Exploring the science fiction genre has always been a popular subject in film studies. It is exceptionally brilliant how this influential genre has been constructed using various elements and techniques of filmmaking in many movies and television series. The two very iconic examples of science fiction movies are Inception and Blade runner: 2049. These two masterpieces have set an inspiration for many filmmakers through an extraordinary use of filmmaking…...
Blade RunnerDreamInception
1 Examine how editing constructs time and space in any ONE film we
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1. "Examine how editing constructs time and space in any ONE film we have studied during this module."Editing is what makes cinema an art form. The cinematic medium enables storytelling by juxtaposing two images to create an emotion, hence a reaction from the spectator. Andre Tarkovsky once wrote1 that every cut in editing is "sculpting time" in that it enables the filmmaker to compress time and expand time, fitting several years into 60 minutes, for example. It is a language…...
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1 Examine how editing constructs time and space in any ONE film we
...In conclusion, Inception is known for its special representation and invention of different spaces and timing using technology and artificial effects which exaggerate elements on the physical set. Nolan constantly blurs the line between reality and d...
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