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Adolescent Girls and the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Sexually transmitted infections among adolescent girls are preventable by using a wide array of innovative resources including but not limited to smartphones, lap top computers, school computers, school tablets, free apps and the wide availability of contraceptives (Brayboy, Sepolen, Mezoian, Schultz, Landgren-Mills, Spencer, Wheeler and Clark, 2016). Parents and family members need to have an open line of communication with their children of all ages on safe sex and safe sexual behaviors. Social media is another avenue where young girls…...
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Isabella Vainikainen’s Book Report
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The story begins with a boy named Luke and three boys named Skin, Daz and Speedy [which are their nicknames of course]. Their real names are Jason Skinner, Darren Fisher and Bobby Speedwell. Luke met his friends at The Grange. They were getting prepared to sneak into an old house in Buckland Forest. There’s an old lady who lives there alone, her name is Mrs Little. Mrs. Little goes to the village shop every Friday evening, which gives the boys…...
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The Crucible play Based on True Events
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Is an exhilarating play, which is based on the true events that happened in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 when a group of teenage girls started to mess with witchcraft and faked being caught by the 'devil'; the girls created a horrific witch hysteria. It shows how the courts where run unfairly in the 17th centaury, and it shows how the court has such a big affect on the village's society. Arthur Miller has written the play in an effectual way…...
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