Gender Inequality in the Past in The Longest War by Rebecca Solnit and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

The textbook definition of a minority is described as a small group of people, especially one commonly discriminated against in cocommunistociety, or nation. In this case, this is how women are looked at. Today’s society marks women as objects, for instance women are only good for cooking, cleaning, and sex. Women are not equal. They are not equal economically, don’t have the same expectations, and they don’t receive the same opportunities as men. There is still a huge controversy about gaining equal rights.

In the article “The Longest War” by Rebecca Solnit talks about women being violently attacked by men in rustic India. We assume that things are progressing in this area but in reality, there’s so much of it. Not only in cases where a woman gets physically attacked, but economically. For instance, a professional male sports athlete makes much more than a woman. There’s also a big controversy regarding the dress code. There has been so much backlash with girls being heavily dress-coded for the simplest things while boys get away with wearing profanity or something offensive on their shirts.

Among other girls, there is some unequal nature as well. Girls can be sent home for wearing a blouse exposing their shoulders, but you see a girl in a cheerleader uniform that is a little bit too exposed to being praised.

Not only do women struggle in the eyes of society, but they are expected to do so much. In the short story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid she talks about how the girl in the story has not yet reached adolescence, the mother still worries about her behavior.

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She worries if she continues to act the way she is, it will lead to a bad future. The mother is under the impression that her daughter’s behavior and reputation will reflect who she is in the eyes of the community. This is relatable almost everywhere. There are always certain expectations out of a woman that you wouldn’t expect from men like being able to cook well, do laundry, iron the correct way, and practically just be a picture-perfectfect housewife. Back then a girl was raised to believe she is only in charge of staying home and providing for the family, and she wasn’t able to work at all. It was only after 1920 that legislation passed with an opportunity for women to work and receive equal pay to men. As time progressed there has been a minimal change, as far as equal pay. Jobs have extended a lot for women. Today you’ll see women studying to become engineers and mechanics, and they’re also able to enlist in the army.

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