Isabella Vainikainen’s Book Report

The story begins with a boy named Luke and three boys named Skin, Daz and Speedy [which are their nicknames of course]. Their real names are Jason Skinner, Darren Fisher and Bobby Speedwell. Luke met his friends at The Grange. They were getting prepared to sneak into an old house in Buckland Forest. There’s an old lady who lives there alone, her name is Mrs Little. Mrs. Little goes to the village shop every Friday evening, which gives the boys time to sneak into her house.

They were after a box. They think that there is something very valuable in it , like jewels. They always see Mrs Little looking inside of the box and it seems like she is guarding it, through the window.

They told Luke that he needs to sneak in and that they will wait for him outside. Luke didn’t like that idea but he still did it because he wanted to be part of their “gang”.

Once he got on the very top level of the house, he heard a girl’s voice coming from one of the rooms. He tried to help her but the girl didn’t say anything. He left without the box. He got beaten up by Skin because he left without getting the box. He always hears the voice of this girl. They come back to this house the next day and try to get the box, but Mrs Little catches Luke in her house. Instead of calling the police, she asks for his help.

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Mrs Little told Luke that the little girl is her granddaughter. She says that the little girl is going through a rough time because her parents passed away in a car crash. Mrs Little tells Luke that the little girl’s name is Natalie. She is ten years old but she has the mind of a four year old because she is mentally handicapped. Luke is very talented at playing the piano, just like his dad; so Mrs Little asks Luke to play the piano for Natalie. He played the piano and she loved it. He gets to know Natalie and she always says “Barley”.

Eventually Luke finds out that a little girl named Barley May Roberts went missing two years ago. He phoned the parents of this little girl and asks her parents to meet “Natalie” and himself . Even though he knows that Mrs Little loves Barley, he had to do the right thing and return Barley to her parents. Once Barley reunited with her parents, Skin, Daz and Speedy were waiting for him and they beat him up. Luke ran to his treehouse that his father and him made when he was little; but Skin knew that he would run there so he put diesel oil, tires and branches in the treehouse.

The treehouse was soon on fire and Luke was loosing consciousness and fell out of the treehouse but Roger Gilmore caught him just in time. He was taken to the hospital and Skin, Daz and speedy were then arrested. A few days later Luke was discharged from the hospital and he went to his piano recital. Mrs Little and Barley were there. He played the song that his dad wrote before he died. I really enjoyed this book. My favorite part of it was when Barley reunited with her parents. I found the book very boring in the beginning, but later on in the story it got more interesting. The moral of the story is to be yourself I guess.

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