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The Different Ways of Reducing Carbon Footprint
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My household’s total footprint in global acres is about 294 acres if everyone in the world lived the same exact way, we would need 7.59 piles of earth to sustain everyone’s lifestyle. This is an extremely alarming statistic when you think about how many people there are in this world and how many resources that really are. My carbon footprint is 11943 acres compared to the country average of 91.43 acres my food footprint is relatively similar but still above…...
Effects of Increasing Temperature on Carbon in the Soil
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In Margaret Torn’s research, the main focus is on the effect increases in temperature have on carbon in the soil, Recent increases in temperature have scientists and researchers like Torn wondering if it will have an impact on the amount of carbon retained in soil. WiLh anthropocentric activity is accountable for vast quantities of carbon emissions, it is crucial to examine the increase in temperature with respect to carbon retention in soil. Based on my notes on the panelist presentation,…...
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The Use of Carbon Dating to Understand the Origin of Man
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Carbon dating is one of the most, if not the most, important techniques employed by anthropologists. Other techniques include comparisons to the pre-existing fossil record, like Darwin employed, and applying forensics to determine possible causes of death. Carbon dating works by measuring the decay a radioactive isotope of carbon - carbon-14f Because carbon-14 is produced by the Earth’s atmosphere via the decay of nitrogen at a relatively constant rate, it is absorbed by all living things as long as they…...
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Rates of Respiration for Different Carbon Sources
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly utilized for fermenting in baking and brewing, is a eukaryotic fungus that can metabolize sugars for energy through cellular respiration. Fungi and animals share a common ancestor in the tree of life, which suggests studying single-celled yeasts is an effective way to identify and study complex systems in animal cells (Freeman, et al., 2017). S. cerevisiae was the first eukaryotic organism that had its genome mapped completely, is simple to maintain because of its small size and…...
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