Effects of Increasing Temperature on Carbon in the Soil

In Margaret Torn’s research, the main focus is on the effect increases in temperature have on carbon in the soil, Recent increases in temperature have scientists and researchers like Torn wondering if it will have an impact on the amount of carbon retained in soil. WiLh anthropocentric activity is accountable for vast quantities of carbon emissions, it is crucial to examine the increase in temperature with respect to carbon retention in soil. Based on my notes on the panelist presentation, I was able to identify this issue as to be positive feedback as it is defying the status quo in the environment and affecting global temperature.

In my perspective, we (humans) are the ones responsible for the change this positive feedback loop.

Although there are no formal conclusions yet, I know for a fact an increase in temperature is not good overall. Through our frequent, immense fossil fuel emissions we are changing our environmental status quo, which is in result affecting our climate and the carbon cycle between the land and the atmosphere.

  By reading scholarly articles on Tom’s research, I was able to further understand the issue she is trying to address with regard to carbon emissions and soil, In one of the contributions Torn makes on an article, she comments on the uncertainty of the life cycle greenhouse gas induced by the increase in biofuel emissions ( Plevin, et al 1). In a my own point-of-view, 1 observe the difficult this imposes on researchers to be able to come up with any solid conclusions if they do not even have firm quantities of emissions to study.

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Additionally, in another scholarly article, Margaret contributes to commitment several countries made to cutting emissions largely by 2050 although this has no formal contribution to Tom’s research, cutting carbon emissions is always a good thing for the environment overalls.

However, I believe the proposed date to reduce carbon emissions is too far out with the constant increases in temperature, perhaps 2050 might be too late to help our cause. In context to Tom’s research, I believe perhaps a small experiment that shows the varying impact of rising temperature on soil sinks would be helpful. Torn’s research has many connections to Lenton’s discussion on the impact on the role of anthropocentric activity lenton correlates the industrial revolution as the start of the effect us humans made on Earth’s systemt. Furthermore, the industrial revolution marked the beginning of the vast amounts of fossil fuel emissions on our behalf in relation to Tom’s research, before the industrial revolution the cycle of carbon was in balance with the atmosphere and earth, and the atmosphere and land.

Now, with an increase in carbon emissions after the industrial revolution, the carbon sinks in land have become less absorbent. In my understanding, Lenton did identify the impact carbon emissions have with the carbon cycle between the land and the atmosphere; however Torn expanded on the issue and went on to analyze the potential altercation that could occur in soil with rising temperatures. Also, Lenton also identified the positive feedback loop created through fossil fuel emissions, and how it ultimately steadily changing the environment, Tom’s research could greatly contribute to earth system science if they are successfully able to identify the cause-and-effect of rising temperature with regards to carbon in soil, I believe it will help make large industry become more self—aware of their emissions by viewing the probable high carbon imbalance they are creating between the land and the atmosphere beyond awareness, Tom’s finding could contribute to earth system science by obtaining an in-depth understanding of the importance of soil in climate and the environment overall.

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