The Different Ways of Reducing Carbon Footprint

My household’s total footprint in global acres is about 294 acres if everyone in the world lived the same exact way, we would need 7.59 piles of earth to sustain everyone’s lifestyle. This is an extremely alarming statistic when you think about how many people there are in this world and how many resources that really are. My carbon footprint is 11943 acres compared to the country average of 91.43 acres my food footprint is relatively similar but still above the country’s average at 76.

46 acres versus 65.74 acres. My housing footprint is about 51.59 acres compared to the national average of 31.58 acres although my carbon, food, and housing footprints are all above the national average, my goods and services footprint is actually below the countries average at 47.02 acres versus the country 57.66 acres. The main contributors to my total carbon footprint are miles driven in a car per year along with other transportation, water consumption for example while showering, and consumption of electricity.

My family and I drive three cars regularly all with relatively average milers per gallon Living in Westchester, taking the metro north Railroad is one of the most convenient ways to get into New York City I would say I use the railroad about three or four times a month.

My family and I take an average number of plane rides each year the fact that the school is driving distance helps reduce that number. Water consumption in my household is one of the biggest contributors to my carbon footprint 1 would say my average shower time is about ten to twenty minutes, which 1 will admit, is too long electrical consumption in my household is quite excessive as well.

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Although we are extremely conscious of thermostat levels during the winter and summer, most of the electrical consumption comes from lighting.

My household and need to be more conscious of turning off the lights when leaving a room or dimming the lights during the day I would say the category where I am the most environmentally conscious would be recycling. My family and I are very conscious of recycling plastics, metals, and glass. On the other hand though, recycling paper is something that we should and need to improve on. Many things can be done to reduce my carbon footprint by ten percent starting with transportation; reducing the number of miles traveled by car to twelve thousand a year down from fifteen thousand, reducing railroad mileage to one hundred miles from one hundred fifty and airplane mileage down to ten thousand from twelve thousand reduces a substantial amount of my household’s carbon footprint.

By installing a rainwater catchment system and by taking much shorter showers, the amount of water consumed will decrease by a substantial amount Also composting rather than using the garbage disposal will also decrease water consumption. In order to reduce electrical consumption, installing solar panels and using energy-efficient appliances like light bulbs can also help decrease energy consumption and the carbon footprint, maybe even installing lights with sensors to detect when someone is present and needs light. That way if the light is left on, it will automatically turn off after someone leaves if my household were to do each of the energy-saving installations above, my household’s carbon footprint would be cut by approximately ten percent, decreasing from 119.43 acres down to 107,487 acres.

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