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Free essays on Boston Tea Party are academic essays that explore the historical significance of the event that occurred on the night of December 16, 1773. These essay topics can range from analyzing the political and economic factors that led to the Tea Party or examining the impact the event had on the American Revolution. These essays provide a comprehensive understanding of the events leading up to, during, and after the Boston Tea Party and are excellent resources for students and scholars alike.
Foreshadowing the American Revolution
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During the early 1700s, England had shown little interest in the thirteen colonies. The British government attempted to maintain its authority over the colonies by putting taxes on the colonies. The colonies resisted and then rebelled. The American Revolution had many foreshadowing events that led to it, including the stamp act, Boston Tae Party, and the skirmishes at Lexington and Concord. The Stamp Act, act introduced by British prime minister George Grenville and passed by the British Parliament in 1765 as a means of raising…...
Boston Tea Party
The Events That Instigated the Change in American History
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Over time, the 13 colonies became completely under British rule. At times, colonists could not do anything to decrease or remove the power over them. The British Parliament had begun to impose stricter laws on the colonies after the French and Indian War. Those laws led to frustration and eventually a resolution. One of the laws, also known as acts, the Parliament passed was the Stamp Act. This act, passed in 1765, taxed legal documents, newspapers, and other printed documents. Colonists…...
Boston Tea Party
Camellia Sinensis: Tea Plant
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Pages • 5
The tea plant’s botanical name is Camellia sinensis and comes from the Theaceae family. It is native to many of the South Eastern Asian countries including Tibet, China, India, and Myanmar. Harvest tea, the plants are kept shrubby -- about 1-5 feet -- with a flat top. The terminal bud, the primary growing point located at the tip of the stem, and the top two leaves are harvested by hand every seven to fourteen days. The plant variety, size, age,…...
Boston Tea Party
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The Development of America as a Super Power
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American History is characterized by a long trail of interesting events and occurrences of all spectrum. Before the arrival of the European colonists from England in early 1600, indigenous people lived in the United States (Trinkle & Merriman, 2007). The Spanish constructed small settlements in Florida and the Southwest while the French built along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast. In the 1760s when the French and Indian Wars ended, the British government levied taxes which were harshly criticized…...
Boston Tea Party
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