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1st Essay Sample on Boston Tea PartyThe colonist in 1773 had endured several attempts to tax them by their mother country, but the tax on tea was the breaking point. Britain had been defending the colonist with their Navy, and incurring a lot of debt in the process. The mother country decided to try recouping some of the debt by devising ways of taxing the colonist.After the end of the French and Indian War, Britain emerged with a large empire,…...
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Know: Old World, New World Are the terms old world and new world biased? Old World : Europeans fleeing poverty & religious persecution. New World: North America 1. What conditions existed in what is today the United States that made it "fertile ground" for a great nation? Abundant natural resources Prior inhabitance & cultivation of the land by the Native Americans The Shaping of North America Know: Great Basin:Lake Bonneville covering most of Idaho & Utah today-it drained into the…...
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