The Events That Instigated the Change in American History

Over time, the 13 colonies became completely under British rule. At times, colonists could not do anything to decrease or remove the power over them. The British Parliament had begun to impose stricter laws on the colonies after the French and Indian War. Those laws led to frustration and eventually a resolution.

One of the laws, also known as acts, the Parliament passed was the Stamp Act.

This act, passed in 1765, taxed legal documents, newspapers, and other printed documents. Colonists had rebelled against this act simply because it was not fair that they had to pay for documents written by them.

As a result of their rebellion, the Parliament passed the Declaratory Act. This act allowed the British to tax the colonies on anything and any time they wanted. Another act that was passed was the Tea Act. This act was passed in 1773 and served the purpose of taxing colonists on tea. The colonists were angered by this act, which led to the Boston Tea Party.

On December 16th, 1773, 342 chests of tea were thrown from ships into Boston Harbor. The tea belonged to the British East India Company and the goal was to protest the taxation on tea. Following this event, the Parliament then passed a set of laws, known as the Intolerable Acts. These acts furthered the anger of colonists.

After all of the acts were passed, the colonists finally had enough. They found these acts to be unreasonable. Therefore, they were justified to rebel against the British government. The colonies wanted to be free and have their government, so their laws could be made.

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This was done by starting the American Revolution and fighting for independence, which would come in 1776.

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