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Amazingly, among the eight graduates who have successfully completed school, only one decides to apply for a scholarship. Perhaps the reason for this modesty is a false idea of ​​who and why can apply for a scholarship. So what exactly are the errors that prevent graduates from gaining well-deserved advantages?

  •  ‘Scholarship is given only to the most gifted and the best of the best’

The common misconception that a scholarship can only be given for outstanding results of entrance exams allows many students not even to consider their own chances.

In fact, everything is a little different. Only a small percentage of universities award scholarships only for high grades. In most cases, in addition to academic performance, we take into account many other factors.

  •  ‘There are extremely few available programs.’

Scholarships are usually awarded under the auspices of large organizations and foundations whose names are always well known. Because of this, it gives the false impression that the scholarships themselves are extremely small and it is very difficult to obtain approval of the application.

This is the farthest true version of things!

  •  ‘You need to have a powerful social authority’

Immediately after the myth of the ‘smartest students’ who can be given a scholarship, there is the myth of the ‘most active’ students. It is true that for some scholarships it is necessary to take part in socially useful activities or to be a volunteer, but for most this condition is not necessary. So, if you did not participate in volunteer events, just find the right organization where it is not required and one obstacle will become less.

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  •  ‘This money will never be enough to pay for the real cost of studying.’

The amount of funding received varies significantly. Some grants, indeed, may be a one-time payment of a few hundred euros, but others come monthly in the amount of €1,500. This is a normal amount for a grant of a higher level of research, for example, graduate school, which is very generously sponsored. Remember, you can apply for several grants at the same time and receive two or three, which gives very significant advantages.

  •  ‘The search for a scholarship program takes a lot of time, and no one can guarantee the result.’

It really is. Previously, finding scholarships was difficult and time consuming. Had to use heterogeneous lists, which were often incomplete or outdated. But today we have a large number of databases that will help you quickly and easily find scholarship programs.

  • ‘The application process is very time-consuming’

In fact, often a scholarship application requires much less information than when applying for a job. The application can often be downloaded from the organization’s website or filled out online. Some applications require more time than others. Recommendations and a detailed resume may be required, but there are always ways to expedite this process. When you think about how cool you can save on tuition fees, the process of filling out a scholarship application is no longer so boring.

  •  ‘With so many applications, my chances are negligible’

The most famous and publicized scholarship programs do receive many applications from applicants, but others, smaller and more famous, often complain about the lack of students. Using the database search results, you can easily find programs with a little competition.

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