My Personal Reward Is a Scholarship

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Giving back to my community is very important to me. The service that I provide is mainly for my church and other schools within my district. For my church, I have volunteered to be a crew leader for Vacation Bible School every year for the past four years. Vacation Bible School is a ministry that churches commonly provide during the summer to educate children about God. I was a crew leader to about 4-6 children. I would guide them through different stations and be someone for them to look up to.

Each day, there was a different theme. There were crafts, games, and bible stories. I had a few children with allergies, a special needs child, and a child that would get homesick. These children required some patience and extra attention. It was a learning experience as well for me. I had one little boy that was constantly trying to leave to go find his mother (she was a volunteer as well).

I had to learn how to take care of this child and make sure that he felt safe to stay with the group.

At the end of the week, the child’s mother was so thankful and gracious to me that her child had an enjoyable experience. After a couple of years, the child’s mother requested to have her other son in my group. He, along with the other children, were a real joy to have. My personal reward from Vacation Bible School is a feeling of fulfillment from being someone for the children to look up to and admire.

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I have also worked in an annual festival for my church. I sold dotters to people for Bingo, I worked the Cake Wheel, and I was a ticket collector for one of the rides. I participated in the festival because I decided that instead of attending the festival and having a grand ole time, that I should give that back to others. I really enjoyed working in the festival because my service was making other people very cheerful and put a smile on everyone’s face. My personal reward that I gained from this was seeing families smiling and children having all sorts of fun. I have also provided service for the Priest of my church.

This service took place during a cold, winter day, and my job, along with many other teens, was to clean the Priest’s home. I raked huge piles of leaves and I did some heavy lifting. I participated in this winter cleanup because I wanted to give back to my Priest. He does so much for our church and is an older man and does not have the strength to do a lot of heavy lifting and hard labor. My personal reward that I gained from this was a job well done and a feeling of fulfillment. As I mentioned earlier, I also provide service to other schools within my district. I have volunteered for Stallion Stampede, an annual festival for Windsong Intermediate School. I helped set up for this event my sorting prizes, placing raffle items, placing items for bidding, and by doing some heavy lifting. I participated in setting up for this event because my goal was to do my part in providing an organized setup for everyone that would experience it at the event. My personal reward that I gained from this was a feeling of accomplishment and a job well done. I have also volunteered for Cline Fest, another annual festival for Cline Elementary School.

I work the ring toss, a moonwalk, and the hamster ball ride. I participated in working this festival because I wanted to provide an unforgettable experience for the children and their families, because these moments in their childhood come and go, and I wanted to do my part to make it enjoyable for them. My personal reward that I gained from this was seeing children laughing and have an awesome time. I have also volunteered for the Junior High Social for Friendswood Junior High School. I worked the photo booth and I would take pictures of students in front of a background. I participated in this because I wanted to provide a fun experience for the students and provide the best memories possible. My personal reward that I gained from working the photo booth was being able to take part in making this social enjoyable for students. Overall, as a volunteer I have earned an estimated total of 102 hours.

This scholarship award will help me attain my goal of coming out of college debt free. My education is very important to me, and this scholarship will help me get the education that I need to become a Chemical Engineer. I believe that I should receive this scholarship because it will set a solid foundation for me to accomplish my career goals. I believe in the importance of how powerful education and having a college degree is. Therefore, I plan to strive for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

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