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I express my interest in the UNT Alumni Association scholarship because the University of Northern Texas has been my dream university since I joined high school. Having studied in Texas, one of the scholarship’s programs requirement on eligibility is students from any high school in Texas. I have always wanted to join the University of Northern Texas for two reasons. One, I believe the UNT is capable of assisting me to achieve my life dream of being an expert in hospitality management because the University has a good standing in terms of producing qualified graduates who are easily absorbed in the job market as well as those who express their entrepreneurial skills by starting their businesses.

Second, I have a relative who is an alumnus of the University of Northern Texas, and his relationship with the University together with the efforts of the alumni towards the scholarship programs have inspired my decision to seek this scholarship so that I can also become part of the alumni association when I complete my studies.

My choice is informed of the need to be part of the change that would enhance the education and academic mentorship of the residents of Texas.

I intend to pursue a degree in hospitality management. I have a background in hospitality management for my diploma, and pursuing a degree would enhance my career potential for upward mobility in the ever-changing industry. My choice for this scholarship was guided by the fact that the University has been producing highly qualified graduates in the fields of tourism and hotel management.

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The majority of high-end hotels in Texas are managed by graduates of the University of Northern Texas. From their prospectus, the University also boasts of developing skilled specialists who exhibit global perspectives relevant to an industry that continues to expand.

The program involves coursework that focuses on research methods, consumer theory, tourism, hotel development, lodging management, et cetera, which are some of the concepts I yearn to learn to beef up my diploma knowledge on hospitality management. Most importantly, the University offers this program in an integrated manner such that graduates can apply the concepts and theories learned in class to real-world problems. Graduates of the University of Northern Texas are known for their ability to communicate effectively, create new business strategies as well as developing policies to solve complex problems facing the hospitality business.

The program is taught by highly qualified personnel with adequate experience to research on restaurant management logistics, regulatory aspects, profitability, and consumer concerns. While the financial part of the scholarship is equally an important aspect of influence on my decision to seek the UNT Alumni Association Scholarship, the performance of the University in terms of producing qualified graduates remains the fundamental influence on my decision. I am inspired by exemplary performance, and I believe I will contribute positively towards building the name of the University in as far as academic excellence is concerned.

I also believe that I am deserving of the UNT Alumni Scholarship. I performed well in high school, having got a distinction. I have equally shown exemplary performance in my first year at the University of Northern Texas, having attained a GPA of 3.5 for completing 25 credits. Other than performance, I have a relative who is an alumnus of the University who has significantly contributed to the growth of the association, and since the scholarships give prominence to applicants with a family connection to the University, I believe I am worthy of the UNT Alumni Association scholarship.

In terms of leadership, I have, on several occasions, had the privilege of serving in leadership positions. I first had the chance to compete for a leadership position in high school, where I vied and campaigned for the position of the head of the peer counseling department and successfully got elected by the students. Besides that, I also led the rugby team, first as an assistant captain, then later as a captain. I realized at the time that I was inclined towards politics, and this must have been influenced by my father, who at some point, vied, campaigned, and won the community’s welfare leader position. Watching him lead, and the admiration he received from the public, I developed a likeness for politics, and all I wanted was to be like my father.

Joining the University exposed me to an organized system of leadership where the student union played a critical role in championing student’s rights. In the first month of my first year at the university, I vied for the position of class Representative but came second in a heated contest. However, this did not deter me from exercising leadership roles for my class, especially on issues that required decision-making. I later vied and campaigned for the position of hall’s congressman, where I successfully got elected. These achievements demonstrate my ability to influence, and I still believe I can be part of my country’s leadership. My desire has always been to become a member of parliament so that I can legislate and establish laws to benefit the people. Therefore, with these achievements, I believe I am better placed to seek this scholarship.

I am a student who is proud to be part of the University of Northern Texas. It is, therefore, my interest that I unequivocally contribute to the quality of student life. I plan to continue serving students as a leader and look forward to exploring other advanced leadership positions in the future so that I can serve the needs of the students. I also intend to create networks and connections both professional and personal with fellow students, lecturers, alumni, and external stakeholders so that I can strategically position myself for the job market as well as contribute to the growth of the University. I promise that I will continue to better my performance so that I can graduate with a distinction at the end of my studies. The scholarship will assist me in attaining my dream of becoming a specialist in the hospitality industry. I am hopeful that my application will be taken into consideration.

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