Scholarship Helps You Reach Your Goals

What does my future place of work look like? As you walk down its hallways you will find helping professionals collaborating, positioning equipment, wheelchairs, IEP meetings taking place, and classrooms with adapted material. My future career as a Speech Language Pathologist will hopefully occur in an atmosphere like this one. After graduate school I wish to obtain an SLP position in a school for children with special needs. My goal is to use my expert knowledge in speech, combined with my passion for children with intellectual disabilities to better their communicative skills.

To improve my opportunity of securing a position in a school specifically for this population there are two things I would like to do: receive a certificate in Developmental Disabilities and volunteer work. This scholarship will give me financial means to do so.

Since my junior year in high school I have been committed to serving the special needs population in my local schools and community. Through all opportunities presented to me I was able to take them further than face value, and display great leadership skills.

My internship at Collins Hill high school introduced me to a young man I offered to provide respite care for. The one semester internship turned into a lifelong friendship not only with the student, but also his family. I interned at Oakland Meadow, a school for children with special needs who are medically fragile, as well. There, I carried my obligations outside of the classroom, and utilized the club I founded to help the annual prom at Oakland.

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Together, we set up a salon equipped with safe donated beauty products for any interested student to come and primp before the prom.

I am president of the Tau Sigma Honors Society at the University of Georgia and plan to form and offer volunteer opportunities with this population to chapter members. During this year’s spring break, I will be serving adults with Williams Syndrome as a “Has Experience with Population” counselor at Camp Blue Skies. Through respite care, founding a volunteer club, camp counseling, interning, and research I have remained an advocate for the population of those with developmental disabilities.

Lately, I have not had the financial means to take off work to volunteer. The Camp Blue Skies is a paid position, and that’s why I was able to accept it. I would love to be able to showcase my professional interests by volunteering more and getting certified in Developmental Disabilities. Due to unfortunate familial health circumstances, my college fund has run dry. Recently, my father was put on permanent disability. Since then I have increased my time at work to 40 hours a week. My HOPE credits will diminish before my undergraduate program is over, leaving me the obligation of paying tuition. Therefore, I also do not have a budget allowing me to purchase courses for the Developmental Disabilities certification. This scholarship will not only help me attain the desired certification, but assist funding my last two semesters of undergraduate courses as well.

This scholarship will allow me to reach my goal of displaying my special interest within the field of speech by attaining the certificate. My mission is to utilize the certification and my experience with the population to guide my graduate research. Eventually, this will allow me to secure a job as an SLP in a school for special needs children. Obtaining this scholarship will not only help me with my short-term goals but also long-term. I would be so grateful to gain the knowledge this scholarship would give me to better serve the community I love.

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