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Casual and Serious contains this book. His text is divided into 48 chapters that are between a few lines and eight pages long. A division principle, a forest is not recognizable. The tone is consistently serious, reflective, between the lines sometimes a spark flashes irony. The author reports more than he says. He wears his clear views before, and as they stand. Von Schirach not evangelized

The cover is linked stylistically to the previous best-selling successes on, but the book inside brings another.

Autobiographical episodes (experiences, memories, encounters, literary and film experiences), legal cases (the well-known as told as short stories), significant events in politics, culture, society. What makes the individual items newsworthy, is often clear only in their combination. A court ruling from 1962, the author is one of over 2,017, resulting in a change of morality is evident. The characters of the three portraits RAF lawyers Otto Schily, Hans-Christian Stroebele and Horst Mahler bear the contradictions in himself one page long, the author reports a Jordan trip and a trip to the desert, seamlessly stunned the next paragraph: “.

On 4 . January 1960 will go to Paris Albert Camus by train. ” The method is principle.

Who, incidentally, speculated on internals from the eminent family von Schirach, will be disappointed. Only the introductory chapter gives detailed insight into the childhood home of the 1964-born Ferdinand. Even in the sixties, seventies, there was usually strict, gloomy life of an elite aristocratic family: aunt visits, fox hunting, discreet staff. The sensitive child ( “risk”) a barren Jesuit boarding school is left in a dark Schwarzwaldtal.

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The father is present only through postcards, died already in 1980. The narrator viewed his former self in the distance of the third person.

The most notorious ancestor, grandfather Baldur, appears only briefly in ghostly light. The author met a lawyer colleague from Kiev and learns that their Jewish grandparents from Vienna deported and murdered. Baldur von Schirach was then the responsible Reichsgauleiter in Vienna. Whether and how the terrible historical context was discussed, is not mentioned. Rather, the mind wanders on to Roland Freisler, the president of the people’s court, and Fabian von Schlabrendorff, a young Hitler assassin and later a judge at the Federal Constitutional Court, finally, on the concept of human dignity and the importance of human rights.

Instead of gripping stories of disturbing criminal cases, therefore, a collection of very personal essays and stories – is specific events as condensation nuclei for more or less detailed considerations on the time concerning, politics, morality, philosophy, society

the amazing thing is that the small textual. this book forms an equally massive effect cause than the great narratives. For brilliant von Schirach’s writing style has remained the same. His distinctive laconic reminded always to Hemingway. With an easy-flowing, seemingly purposeless language, the simplicity of the paratactic sentence structure, the reduction to the essentials, the renunciation of embellishment and rhetoric, the great precision and sobriety shares of Schirach in the choice of words, which has no pathos. As with Hemingway rises from this text tissue often delicate, melancholy poetry. “On a tiny table, the young woman was sitting. She was crying. She cried because her dead child, imprisoned her and her friend was no longer there.”

The simplicity of it all. “The complicated, so we are told, is the valuable. But that’s nonsense. In fact, the simplest thing is the most difficult.” Von Schirach Hemingway quotes (from “Paris, A Moveable Feast”) and admired Michael Haneke – whose films are like haiku: “They say exactly what they want to say anything else.” Likewise>

Unlike consumed as Hemingway, for the ‘big words’ after the terrible wars and ideologies of his time>

A live smart, a talented author

A wise. an enriching book.

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