Crimes of Ferdinand Von Schirach Review

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The excerpt comes from a book with an unusual concept: The author Ferdinand von Schirach, prosecutor and defense lawyers, contributes in various cases with which he faced his professional life in the course, in narrative form together. So the episodes are all based on facts, which makes it more poignant. The excerpt includes one of these episodes. At the birthday party of his father learns of the 24-year-old Friedhelm Fähner the three years his senior clerk Ingrid know.

The family Fähner living for generations in the medieval town of Rottweil, where they have enjoyed as doctors, pharmacists and judges always high reputation.

In this tradition, Friedhelm studied medicine and is in general practitioner Rottweil. Ingrid he married shortly after their introduction. The honeymoon goes to Cairo. When Ingrid from their pre-marital relationships, pregnancy and abortion told, even this confession does not cloud the young couple, as Friedhelm is large-hearted, reliable, honest, selfless and loyal. So it means the promise Ingrid him demanded ( “You must never leave me.

”), A life-long commitment to comply he swears his wife.

Married life, however, is fast becoming a martyrdom. Initially, there are small, fanciful allegations Ingrid against him, such that he was messy and dirty; later they lose their inhibitions insults, any degree and level Friedhelm suffers from the constant hostility and the feeling on the basis of his oath lifelong prisoner of this relationship to be, but preserves patient composure. Only 72 years – he’s retired – enough is enough: When his wife yells at him again, he killed her in the basement brutally This excerpt is written liquid, exciting and logically from the first to the last word.

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That Friedhelm not divorce but murder selects as liberation is derived convincing.

The acting persons are becoming clearer as the story progresses in her actions and her appearance very well imagine and. Particularly disgusting and repulsive appearance is elaborated Ingrid: “She had become bold your beaded neck was no longer fixed, before her throat, a skin flap was formed which wafted back and forth to the beat of their insults..” The reader suffers with Friedhelm and solidarity with him. The excerpt has absolutely convinced me. This is a crime of CLASS. I wish the author Ferdinand von Schirach much success with this book.

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Crimes of Ferdinand Von Schirach Review
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