Cigarettes Damage Your Brain... and Smokers Have Double the Risk of Stroke Death" by Charlie Cooper

According to the article, smoking increases one‘s chances of dying from stroke and has harmful effects to the brain (Cooper). The article states that the toxic chemicals present in cigarettes including cyanide and arsenic have harmful effects to the brain cells and increase risks of dementia, decline of cognitive abilities, and stroke, According to the article, smoking is the leading cause of early deaths and causes the death of one smoker among two, This rate is alarming and a clear indication that the government should incorporate incentives aimed at ensuring that the smoking habit is reduced.

The article also adds that mortality rate among smoking women is on the increase and is mainly caused by effects of smoking. From statistics, 10 million people in Britain smoke. Women constitute 19% of the figure while men constitute 22% (Cooper). The article also reports that cognitive abilities of smoking men reduces 38% faster than non-smoking men (Cooper). Continued smoking enhances this rate further and can lead to permanent destruction of cognitive abilities.

The article also adds that smoking adversely affects the heart and lungs of the smoker because the toxic contents of smoke travel to the lungs first before going to the heart to be pumped to the rest of the body (Cooper). Doctors’ advice smokers to quit smoking and flush the smoking toxins out of their bodies through better dieting to enable them reduce smoking risks. According to doctors, a smoker needs to quit smoking for five years to help one reach the life expectancy of a lifetime nonesmoker.

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According to the article, there are about 152,000 strokes per year in the UK and which are mainly caused by smoking. Stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is cut off, hence leading to starvation of brain cells which leads to stroke. Survivors of stroke either endure permanent brain damage or paralysis which leaves them disabled (Cooper). The author of the article is very informative and helps people to understand the dangers and risks associated with smoking, He presents statistics and data from credible sources to help a reader understand more the potential risks that might face an ongoing.

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