Bastards of Lotte and Søren Hammer Review

Topics: Law

“Bastards”, the debut novel by Lotte & Søren Hammer begins hammermäßig: On her first day of school after the holidays, two children discover in the school gym five men who geometrically exactly aligned, dangling from the ceiling with ropes around their necks. The faces of the bodies are cut with a power saw beyond recognition, and also missing hands. The sight is so disgusting that anyone hastily leaves the premises to facilitate his stomach.

The team led by Chief Inspector Konrad Sorensen must do its utmost to first determine the identity of the five men.

To date no missing persons. Who are the perpetrators, and what motives drove them to this cruel act?

Soon the crime puts into context with pedophiles. But there are still plenty of questions: Are the victims of former perpetrators, the perpetrators are affected victims? Do these criminal the law on their side, and may them because they can not find valid jurisdiction acceptable to make themselves tidy, practice vigilantism and executed on medieval way (podium, trapdoor) people?

In addition to the that is being developed breitspurig over 500 sides, at many locations and with many characters and their life stories plot, the book has a socially critical aspect.

The perpetrators considered this fact necessary in order to attract attention worldwide. With the help of the media and on the Internet they wanted to – in their opinion – lax handling of pedophiles who abuse their victims and then kill, raise awareness, and even bring about a new political orientation for tougher laws.

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And as they raise it, they will not only find the Danish population approval for a major part. Against this background, the police very difficult to go through with their job and to make the brutal murderer finally nailed down.

In my opinion, the whole novel would have quite a bit can be designed streamlined without the plot complexity still worthy of discussion intentions would have been affected. The substance is indeed quite high and currently receives daily new food: “Abuse: Alarming school study” is today (14.07.2011) main headline on the front page of the Rheinische Post. And how many disgruntled reader’s letter publicly express their opinion that is being done more for the rehabilitation of sick pedophiles in our country than for the life sentence traumatized victims?

“bastards” is the entry novel in a series to Commissioner Konrad Sorensen , He is a quiet, introverted man who loves his daughter more than anything. His diabetes is him no reason to protect health – on the contrary: He smokes and is paired thanks to an unbalanced diet, well proportioned with movement and lack of sleep. His colleagues respect him as a leader estimate that he always gives them absolute support and.

Is Kurt Sorensen now has a new and different character in the circle, established by Nordic investigators as Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander or Hakan Nesser Van Veeteren ? Every beginning is difficult. The authors Konrad Sorensen have to leave a little more time to earn a regular place in the readers. In Denmark, the debut was the author couple great attention and was No. 1 on the bestseller list.

Of the subsequent novels (A second is already published in Denmark, a third in the works), I expect even more improvements, because I think the writers can do even better than in “bastards”.

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