"The Moon and Sixpence" Review

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Essay on “The Moon and Sixpence”

The Moon and Sixpence – the greatest creation of the English classics. What I like Maugham, so it is for the brightness of the characters. Maugham feels the human psychology and also fine displays it in the images of his heroes. Maugham learns to understand people, their actions

Strickland -. The main figure of this work – the person is not ordinary. Honest citizen, an exemplary husband, devoid of any passion at all, in a society of artists and pisatley smug, but a shadow of something amorphous and ghostly.

In forty years, he breaks the thread of her miserable vegetating. It rebel force that sweeps away everything in its path, the tsunami steranes from his memory his wife, children and all that he had lived and breathed. Unrestrained impulse to the creation of the result and incinerates him, but in the Holy Fire. Now art is his life, but in it he sees the path to truth. It does not touch the fate of his paintings, they only make sense here and now, and for him alone.

I can not help recalling the words of Pasternak, perfectly reflects the essence of the creative activity of the hero – “the goal of self-giving creativity, not hype, not success …”. He seeks to know the truth, and let it at everyone, but he found her and knew. Do not count him happy? He managed to get rid of vanity, to protect itself from all neuzhnogo and even blind eyes, but see the world in all colors, in its true light.

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Being blind and courageously enduring torments fatal illness, he wrote his last masterpiece. The painting on the walls of his hut – a point in his life, a life more than those with no sense, a farewell to this world, he knew it in full. According to the latest request of Strickland’s pictures on fire. He did not ostvit his discoveries – everyone has his own way to truth, nevozmozmozhno go on other people’s footsteps – the truth there would no longer be .

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"The Moon and Sixpence" Review
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