Academic integrity involves completing his/her work honestly and fairly. It includes accepting responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences of those actions.

I have come to understand academic honesty is the trust in a relationship between professors/teachers and students. It also means to be honest with your classmates and pupils in the process of education. To be academically honest means not to cheat or copy someone else’s ideas or thoughts and present them as your own. Today academic honesty is a very crucial issue as it is the foundation of many educational programs.

Being dishonest in education won’t help people develop their knowledge; instead, it will make them less capable of using and handling these essential skills. UC Davis names a few examples on their web page about integrity that include cheating, plagiarisms, fabrication, providing false information etc.

UCSD affirms the International Centre for Academic Integrity’s definition — having the courage to uphold honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness and trustworthiness even when it is difficult to do so.

(“Excel with Integrity”, 2019)

I understand the conveniences that make online education attractive also create new opportunities for academic dishonesty. I also think academic dishonesty often results from a combination of opportunity, culture, and desperation. Without integrity, we fail to meet so many expectations and devalues learning, but also the value of the degree diminishes.

I’m thankful to the Student affairs community for giving me a chance to redeem my dignity. Participating in this Sanction Reduction Seminar was an excellent experience.

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Students shared their experiences, and it was beneficial to hear what others had learned from their similar experiences and comfort to be able to discuss my situation. This seminar also helped to improve my writing skills.

UC Davis says, A society based on the premise, “May the best person win,” rather than “May the most devious cheater win.” (“Academic Integrity | Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs”, 2019)

I feel the disappointment of a person who faltered but considered herself to be an honourable and devoted student. Most importantly, after the implementation of my sanction reduction program, I feel accomplished and confident. I have grown in my ability to prepare and organise myself better so that I can avoid stressful situations, but unfortunately, I couldn’t cope up with the stress last winters, which caused this violation. The violation caused great shame and disgrace to my family and me. I learned that it is important honesty, sincerity, and responsibility are the values required to keep this academic integrity alive.

The experience has prepared me for the business world as no class could have. While I was not an inherently dishonest person even before this occurred, my stress got the better of me during the winter course. Only if I had thought about it rationally, I would have realised that my actions would hurt me more than help. I have also learnt that it is necessary to evaluate situations and avoid rash decisions properly. Stress is a part of life and will continue to occur both in my career and personal life. I believe being a person with strong values, and a high level of integrity is essential to me. This experience will ensure that I am more careful in the future to adhere to my values.

Finally, this whole process has given me time to evaluate my violation and myself. I certainly would not have learned so much from others if it weren’t for this option. I am glad that this process has caused me to reflect my actions and grow from my mistakes. I am grateful for this opportunity to wipe my slate clean and to grow out of this experience.

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