Academic Dishonesty and Employment

After college graduation it is the goal of most students to start a career in their chosen fields, but the path to graduation is not the same for everyone. The majority of college graduates enter the workforce with the right tools needed to be successful in their careers.

Academic Dishonesty and Business Ethics

The minority of young adults portray a false impression of others who are entering into employment. The bad business ethics that are practiced by the few dishonest professionals need to be eliminated at all costs.

The most challenging part of selecting the unprepared business workers is knowing the right ones to weed out. By doing so, the application system needs to be a critical part of the hiring process. Academic dishonesty and personality misleads many business professionals and have a long term effect on the future. A dishonest or challenging personality can make any work environment into a hostile and undesirable place to be. Changing the perception of young business professionals will not only benefit the future students, it will also benefit the companies where the new employees are hired.

Entering the workforce is tough when you are a recent college graduate. The field for business is very competitive and disputes can quickly arise between two people competing for the same job. For everyone’s benefit, they want to succeed but the lack of respect for your co-workers is an obstacle that will have an immediate effect on others if not resolved quickly. One thing that is common among these problems that have arose is that personality plays a huge role in the decision to practice bad business ethics.

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Your personality is not taught, but developed over time. “Critics of ethics education claim that a student’s value systems are already formed upon entering college, that business as a discipline is unethical by nature, and that ethics instruction has yet to prevent any unethical behavior.” There is a reason for the unethical practices from the young business professionals, it is their personality.

Practicing Bad Business Ethics

One thing that is common among the problems found is that personality plays a huge role in the decision to practice bad business ethics. A reoccurring lapse in judgement is not simply a mistake that keeps happening; it is simply the nature of that person. A school’s curriculum can teach someone about correct ethics and how to practice business, but it is the job of the student to take hold of the ideas being presented. Unfortunately, taking hold of the ideas may be more difficult for some because of their personality characteristics. The Big five personality profile has been one of the most studied personality profiles in recent managerial research. These personality traits are used in business settings to determine career success and choice, leadership style, job satisfaction, and organizational citizenship behavior. With all of these factors playing a role into what makes academic dishonesty and business ethics correlate, one factor still remains obsolete. Is it a choice for one to cheat in school or is it simply their personality? Understanding how to mold personalities into being a great person and a great worker is the goal for everyone. The professors do not want to be controlling and overly strict with the students, but rather advise them in the right direction and let them make their own decisions.

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