Quality Honesty and Leadership In People

Assignment Leadership is defined as anytime a person attempts to influence or lead the beliefs, behaviors or opinions of a group. Leadership involves a combination of personality traits and leadership skills and the role of the lead is to guide groups to accomplish common goals. This paper will explain the nurse’s leadership role and the importance of professionalism and maintaining integrity in the field. The leadership role of the professional nurse Leadership in the nursing field has many different types of roles like team builder, resource manager, problem solver, staff developer, and more.

There are three skills that demonstrate good leadership. The first is technical skills for nurses this includes nursing knowledge, clinical expertise, and experience. The second is human skills this is important for anyone taking any leadership role. This is the ability to work with people and make good judgments.

The third is conceptual skills this is the ability to understand the complexities of the overall organization and identify one’s own management and strengths.

These are all important in all leadership roles. For nurses, it is even more important because not only are they working with peers but with patients. Technical skills are important when dealing with patients the nurse must have knowledge of procedures they are going to be performing and know what and when to report to the doctor. Human skills are also important when dealing with patients not all patients will be compliant so the nurse with good human skills will know what do in these types of situations.

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Maintaining integrity Integrity is important for people working in all different fields it means to be honest, moral upright, and good judgment and morals. In nursing, it is especially important because nurses are responsible to take care of multiple people that need to be safe in their care. A nurse that is not honest should not be practicing this can lead to many dangerous situations because they are caring for others.

Some examples include if a nurse were to break sterile field then proceeded to go through with the procedure this is dishonest and also can lead the patient to get an infection that impacts their health and hospital stay. Older people with cognitive impairment can create a most vulnerable group of patients with extended care needs and their specific needs are often given lower priority in the busy setting of acute care. This statement from a journal shows the importance of integrity in the nursing field. The findings in this specific journal study was a bit disappointing because the conclusion showed that if the patient was calmer and “nicer” the gap between real and ideal care was smaller. The conclusion of the study was that nursing integrity was challenged but is should be a key characteristic of someone who wants to become a nurse because patients will be in their care and they should be able to provide care, report findings, and if it gets difficult or out of hand sometimes then the nurse should be able to rely on each other to for help and this is also where good leadership skills come in. The nurses should feel comfortable with asking for help and asking for guidance from the charge nurse or nurse manager.

Maintaining professionalism and integrity Professionalism in nursing incases a combination of things these include being neat with scrubs and overall look and then also the nurse’s knowledge, skill set, and the way care is delivered. According to Yoder (2017), some important characteristics of nursing professionalism include acting in the patients of the family’s best interests which is being an advocate, having high standards of skills and knowledge in the nursing field. Having high ethical standards which include integrity, honesty, and accountability, and being caring showing empathy and being sensitive to other cultures. Nurses can maintain these skills by keeping up with the neat look of scrubs and also demonstrating good communication. If a nurse can communicate well they work as a good advocate, they are also demonstrating good nursing skills and expertise. In conclusion leadership, integrity and professionalism are all very important in the nursing field. Good leadership helps facilitate better nursing care and integrity. Nurses can maintain these skills by demonstrating good care, communication, and professionalism. Professionalism is important in all levels and can help with job advancement and with group cohesiveness.

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Quality Honesty and Leadership In People
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