Meyers-Briggs Reflection for Career

The Meyers—Briggs personality test assesses individuals on different traits that make up who they are. These traits can be whether they are introverted vs. extroverted orjudging vs. feeling, just to name a few. Personally, after carefully taking the assessment l was classed as an ISFJ. Which means I’m forty four percent introvert, twenty eight percent sensing, twelve percent feeling, and forty one percent judging, Basically that means I’m an introverted, compassionate person who trusts rationalization and judgement over how I’m feeling in the heat of the moment.

I had actually taken a personality test similar to this over the summer while spending a week with my family in Colorado, and received the same rating.

However, through this one I learned some new interesting things. For instance, I found out that Robert E Lee was also an ISFJ, this interested me quite a bit because he is a large part of my hometown history. We have quite a few statues of the man hanging out in our downtown area so I’ll be thinking about this test quite often.

I also found out that my spiritual gift of service plays right into the suggested careers for my personality test, which I didn’t know before. Some of them included social work, nursing, and paralegal work. I had never thought about how serving others and a career could go hand in hand other than missions work or something through habitat for humanity helping the needy. However, I was surprised my major of chemistry was not on this test.

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Every other test I’ve taken has had science on there or even medical research, both of these were left off this test. My plan is to do medical research which will go with the feeling aspect of this test and working in a lab will fulfill my need for introversion and alone time. In conclusion, I feel like this test was definitely an accurate analysis of howl view myself and how others view me. The points they touched on about introversion and needing time away from people were spot on. They also explained me really well in the sense that ISFJs can be moody and change at a moment’s notice. After reading all the sections I would have to agree that I am an ISFJ all the way and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

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