Five Year Career Development Plan

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When, I first started in business I considered my success by how much money, I made. Recently, I evaluate success by ensuring happiness and a balance life-style between work, school, and family time. I found this to be very hard when I began school and added to my plans. At, the time I integrated school to my plan I was not sure if I was going to make it, but decided to take a leap of faith.

However, I am much closer to the finish line and I see it closer each day so it is a reality happening before my eyes it is the best decision I have made for myself and my families future.

In, life we have to plan constantly everything we do, we have plans for dinner, weekend, and vacation; each day we plan ahead because it is important, think where we are in our career path today and develop a five year career development plan. Career goals and Objectives Career goals are necessary for advancing and moving ahead in life.

However, there are two types of career goals long-term and short-term, the reason for short-term goals is for the long-term goals to be achieved, when we tend to success in the short-term goals we are only preparing for what is ahead long-term goals. My career and objectives is to graduate in one more year, continue in my current job for two to three years because in this job I am exposed to opportunities to grow and learn and to understand the profession inside out.

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My objective is to continue to grow in this filed so I can start my own business in Property Management Company or work for a well-known and respected company with health insurance, vacation time, promotions, and other incentives. In this company we have nothing, but I work in all the area of property management including HR. Possible Promotional Opportunities for Career Growth In this company there is a possibility of promotional growth, which is an encouraging to continuing working here. Finances play a significant part in our personal lives as well as our professional lives, financial security is why people obtain jobs.

Career growth does not look to promising because I am the person who over sees all the business management. The person who I report to is the owner of the company. Methods for Career Management Method for career management is a combination of structured planning and hand on. The success of career managements is mainly my personal fulfillment with work and school balance, goal achievement, and financial assurance. A method used for career management is career assessment and evaluating system that can provide in-depth evaluation. In the organization I work for we are looking for ways to develop strategies to meet the organization objectives.

An Inventory of your Current Skills, Abilities, Training and Education A career inventory is different skills and abilities I use in my position, the responsibility that I have to the organization I work for communicating with people in the organization, leadership skills, management skills, planning skills, and the ability to have an analytical view. Training and education is my professional development, which I have obtained by attending school and participating in seminars given to all property managers to enhance the education of property management filed.

Other actives that I use for personal development is my spiritual growth, volunteering in community activities in church-projects fund raising and serving. Job Satisfaction Attribute Job satisfaction is important to people in different level, there is people who care about job and there are people who just go into work for a paycheck, my job satisfaction is at the time everything is done in a timely manner, every employee is working in harmony. Team members are team players.

My job satisfaction is no complaints. I enjoy doing my work and working with others accomplishing challenging task and being a positive leader for others. Identification of Three Action Steps to Reaching Stated Career Goals and Objectives The three action plans I would have to take to achieve my career goals would be setting smaller goals is more productive and motivating than just going for large goal. Enhance my education and skills in the area I want to improve.

The send step is writing down my goals on a paper in a chronological order and talking to people close to me. The third action step I would take is establishing goals that are attainable and would help to accomplish with a positive motivation. * Identification of potential barriers to reaching stated career goals Potential barriers to reach my career goal can be negative attitude, no motivation, time management, money issues for education an incurable sickness. An analysis of the affect of career training programs

After my career training program I would have completed my long-term goal in achieving my degree and I can progress in the company or look for a property management company that I can have benefits or have the money available to start my on property management company. Conclusion Currently, my focus is on strengthening my skills on a daily. Next, we will place additional efforts into growing in this company so my profile will look amplified in, human resources department customer service, financial department, and in the real state area.

Even so I have not lost my vision for opening a business in property management. I believe these goals are attainable, and I have set strategic short-term goals that push me closer to the long-term objective. I expect that the next five years will bring growth to this business but in the process increase my abilities.

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Five Year Career Development Plan
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