Personal Development Plan Essay Sample

Assessment 1: Developing Yourself as an Effective HR/L&D Practitioner Core Unit for CHRP and CLDP Learning outcomes: 1. Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective HR or L&D practitioner. 2. Know how to deliver timely and effective HR services to meet users’ needs. 3. Be able to reflect on own practice and development needs and maintain a plan for personal development. All activities below should be undertaken: Activity A – 600 Words Write a short report on: . the concept and importance of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), 2.

the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to be effective in an HR or L&D role as per the CIPD HR Map. In your report you should present the CIPDs HR Profession Map, discussing: 1. at least 3 professional areas, two of which must be Strategies, Insights and Solutions and Leading, and Managing the Human Resources function and 2. all eight behaviours. Activity B – 900 Words Write a report that: 1.

Identifies at least 3 users of HR services within an organisation and for each user list at least 2 key needs and explain how conflicting needs can be prioritised effectively.

2. Identify at least 3 methods of communication appropriate to employees at different levels 3. Describes the key components of effective service delivery including: a. building and maintaining good relationships, b. handling and resolving complaints, c. dealing with difficult customers, d. timely service delivery, e. budget implications and f. continuous improvement

Activity C – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (Final assessment) No Word Limit At the beginning of the course you are required to undertake a self-assessment of capabilities as an HR or L&D practitioner against the CIPD Associate Membership requirements to: 1.

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Identify your professional development needs. 2. Evaluate at least 3 options to meet the development needs identified, 3. Produce a Personal Development Plan to meet set objectives, At the end of the course you will be required to: 1. Reflect on performance against the plan, 2.

Personal Development Plan Essay

Identify learning points for the future and, 3. Revise the plan by reviewing what you have learnt from each unit against the plan and adjusting development needs accordingly. Please note: You will need to submit a draft of Activity C to be marked at the beginning of the course. The deadline for this is the same as the one set for Activity A and Activity B. Furthermore, at the end of the course you will receive a second deadline in order to submit your final version of Activity C. Please discuss this with your tutor if you have any questions.

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Personal Development Plan Essay Sample
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