Educational and career goals

Education goals

I have the general goal of achieving a Masters in Sports & Exercise Science from the University of Cambridge or any other college that is certified and recognized by the state. The course takes roughly two years to complete and will require an attachment period that is coordinated by the college. I plan to achieve a First Class Honors in the course. Apart from this major goal, I also plan to undertake another minor supplementary course such as counseling at the diploma level.

This extra qualification will help me be more relevant and applicable in the medicine field.

Career goals

Sports medicine is a sector of medicine that entails the curing and restoration of sports-linked injuries and accidents. Additionally, sports medicine is focused on optimizing the performance of athletes in sports and exercises. I have a plan to start out as an athletic trainer where the job description will involve diagnosing, preventing and restoring various injured sportsmen.

Being an athlete trainer is my first step in this field and my research has shown that I can work with small teams and high school sports departments. I have the plan to work in such a position for a while until I have gathered the necessary qualification and experience to apply for a job as a strength and conditioning specialist. This new job is more rewarding with the current market salary rate being around $40, 000. This type of employment is more specialized and will require me to work with athletes to improve their speed, strength, stamina and performance.

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Reasons for choosing sports medicine

Studying sports medicine and science will involve applying medical and technical standards in sports, exercise, and the capacity of the human body to function physically. These two sections are wide and hold the best educational and career opportunities for me. The field is also very diverse, and there is a high guarantee that there will be rewarding employment and opportunities

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Educational and career goals
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