The following example essay on “The Right Educational Background” tells about the author’s success, life experience and thirst for new knowledge for further development.

If you met me now, then you would know that I am a well-versed bilingual Case Manager with extensive experience working with numerous at-risk populations. My demonstrated strengths are in education and employment development to empower and direct others towards self-sufficiency. I am a strong community and social services professional. I enjoy what I do, and I do it well.

However, there is only so much I could do without the right educational background. I have reached a point in my life where I know I have to expand my education in order to continue growing within my field. I have a strong sense of career building and helping others figure out their own path. Some people I have encountered in my life stressed employment over education.

If I could have the opportunity to explore a variety of educational as well as employment goals, I know it will result in being a happier and more well-rounded individual.

With that being said I was not the best of students during my undergraduate enrollment at Fordham University. It took me a long time to find a field that I was interested in, and I often changed majors which left me confused and unsure of the future. I was the first generation of my family to have ever enrolled in college so the pressure of my family to have everything figured out only added to the turmoil of my college experience.

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I made the decision to reach out to my peers and fellow counselors at my university.

They provided me with guidance and reassurance to allow me to figure my educational pathway. Through them I was able to figure out that Psychology was the field in which I was truly passionate about. I was able to slowly regain my direction in life. I successfully graduated from Fordham University and I have grown exponentially in my career. I worked for different companies who shaped me into the social services professional I am today.

The best part about what I do is I get to aid others in obtaining that same motivation that I needed help with. I am applying to Queens College in order to obtain a Master’s in Psychology. Since my graduation from Fordham University my career pathway has shown me the importance of understanding others and the human psyche. It has shown me the deep effects of drugs, mental health, poverty, violence, and a variety of variables that play into factors when assisting others.

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