Mark Zuckerberg Career and Social Life

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 Mark Zuckerberg’s Story

Mark Zuckerberg is popular because he is the founder of a social site called facebook. This young man came up with this site while he was still a student. In fact, he did this at the comfort of his dormitory, in college. Zuckerberg was a student at Harvard University where he pursued computer science. Before starting facebook, he had designed a website that was used to compare photos of other college mates. The administration did not approve this site therefore it was shut down and Zuckerberg was punished for this.

This was likely to discourage him but on the contrary, it motivated him. In three months time, he had done what the CIA was unable to do in sixty year, develop a social site and named it facebook (Woog 13).

Zuckerberg’s passion in computer science did not start in college. He developed interest in software as early as when he was in middle school. He learned how to program through the help of his father and a tutor.

To enhance his knowledge, he pursued a programming course at graduate level, which assisted him to create computer programs. Some of these were computer games and communication mediums. He said that some of his friends who were artistic could design games and he could make programs for those games. Today many children are playing computer games designed by Mark (Woog 20).

Apart from starting facebook, Zuckerberg has contributed a lot to the society. He enjoys charity work and even donates most of his wealth to charity.

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He and Bill Gates signed a promise to donate half of their wealth or more. They also encouraged others to give donations to charity. After he started facebook, he donated hundred million dollars to Newark, which is a public school computer system. This money was meant for improving the efficiency of the system. He also gave an unknown amount to a website called Diaspora, which is a server that offers services related to social networking.

Woog (33) adds that more to being an excellent academic performer, Mark is good at theater arts. He is a main character in a movie, which is an inspiration to many people. He has won an award of the best start up CEO in 2007 and was voted the person of the Year in Times magazine of Year 2010. Other achievements before the facebook social site include developing a music system called Synapse and another project called Wirehog. However, these two projects were terminated because he intended to start new ones. Today, Zuckerberg is considered as one of the most powerful people in the world The Forbes magazine ranked him number nine this year. The writer commended him because he was one of the people who had the greatest improvement from the previous year. In 2010, he was position forty but this year he has made a climb of thirty-one steps (Woog 35).

Like all other people, Mark has a social life. He has many friends from child hood and others from college. In fact, the invention of facebook site was with the help of his two friends Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. He has a girlfriend who is of Chinese origin but is an American citizen. They have been together since high school. His life is simple even with how he dresses. It would seem as if his life is relaxed with no worries but he also has his share of fears. He narrates an experience of how he came face to face with a gun but luckily, he was not hurt. That day, he was driving home when he stopped for gas. A man emerged from the blues and pointed a gun at him. Surprisingly, he did not make demands so Mark drove off happily considering himself lucky (Woog 40).

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