Why I Want to Become a Paramedic

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Starting from when I was a little girl growing up in a drug and crime infested neighborhood in Amsterdam, I’ve always had the desire to help. At six or seven years old it is difficult to comprehend exactly what was happening to the people I watched overdose on drugs, or the people I watched get stabbed or shot, but what I did understand is that the nice people driving the ambulance were there to help and I admired them greatly for it.

Apart from having the desire to help, I’ve always loved the art of medicine, and the fact that it is constantly changing for the better. This along with always having a desire to know more about something or about why things happen in our body the way they do serve as my reasons for wanting to become a Paramedic.

The first reason I want to be a paramedic is that emergency medicine, as well as medicine in general is constantly changing.

It is one of the reasons I love this field. This ensure that there are endless opportunities to improve your skills and learn new ones. This serves the EMS community with an opportunity to learn new things all the time. There was a practice in EMS many years ago referred to as the “scoop and scoot” method. This meant that patients simply were to be picked up and brought to the hospital as quickly as possible, unfortunately this did very little for the actual care or treatment of a patient.

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Today we have adopted a new method called the “stay and play” method. This is life changing for a lot of our patients. Now that there are better trained, educated and equipped EMS professionals we are able to provide symptomatic treatments as well as life-saving treatments to our patients in the field.

Another reason I want to be a Paramedic is that the work we do matters whether it is on a small or large scale. As a Paramedic, we deal with people in the pre-hospital setting and at quite possibly the most vulnerable times of their lives. It is important to me for the patient to feel that we aren’t only there to fix whatever problem they are having but to make them feel better in general, whether it be physical or emotional. There are many different ways a Paramedic can be of service to their community, it all goes along with having the desire to help in any way, shape or form we can.

Lastly, I would like to set all of the medicine aspect aside as to why I want to be a Paramedic. I, like many other of my fellow EMS professionals love the work schedule. I am not someone who is capable of working a “normal job” and loving it. As part of my personality, I get bored with things very easily and need a lot stimulation and a variation of different tasks to maintain my interest (and sanity). Being a Paramedic would give me the opportunity to do just that. Being an EMT would also allow me to continue working these hours, but I believe being a great Paramedic would allow me to be a much bigger asset to the company as well as my community by the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired.

I have always felt a strong need to take care of people and to be able to help them however I can, this is one of the reasons that drew me to EMS. Being a Paramedic would allow me to help these people directly and at a bigger scale. My knowledge and skills will impact the outcomes of my patients; therefore, it is important to me that I learn everything I can about this profession. As the industry grows, we will constantly be faced with new opportunities to improve or change the way we practice medicine in the pre-hospital setting.

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