What Is The Definition Of A Wife Or Of Being A Wife In Why I Want A Wife

In our current age we have both sexes going to school and staying at home. A stay at home father is more common than ever. Unfortunately, this is not how society has always worked. In the sass’s, women were treated very differently then we do today. We use to be treated like door mats and mutes. In “Why I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady, she reveals her anger In a different tone. She uses sarcasm and humor to get her point across.

As if all of the expectations of a wife is laughable and presumed as a joke.

How can anyone possibly do all the work that she has listed and not even complain once. Her message may not have been as powerful and motivating, if she Just simply made a list of her grievances. Also, Brady learned to never complain, thanks to her husband, about her feelings and would be a reason why she did not just say outright all the injustice she felt in her marriage.

It could be a way around her moral obligations to her husband, while still getting her message across to married and unmarried women.

Brady realizes her husband was sexist, unsupported, and how she was once oblivious of her surroundings, which contributed to her becoming a role model to women everywhere. Brady writes against sexism and warns women of the life of a bride. Based on our past In the demographics of a household, a man would not be caught doing any cleaning or cooking.

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Brady was classified Into a group called wives. She and other wives are outsiders according to men and are only good for taking care of the well being of them family.

Wife Essay

The presentment that Just because she is a women does not mean she does not yearn to educate herself or become financial independent. He husband does not allow these things simply because she Is a women Brady explains how just because she is a women, she still has wants and needs just as important as the next men, and not to automatically write her off because she is a women. She shows us how she finally saw that her husband was unsupported and how she hoped her writings would change the future, Throughout the essay, Brady speaks of the want for an education and a life outside her home.

Although, at the end of the essay, after the husband completes his school, she is still to stay at home with the children and household work. Even after she was loyal and encouraged his schooling, the husbands view did not change. His wife was to now stay at home and to focus solely on all her previous duties, with the only break is not helping her husband with school. The husband should now take his turn in helping raising the family so that Brady can finally evolve herself out of the classification of a different breed.

A women going to get an education around that time was unlikely, but what she was saying Is even If you don’t have support, you can soul make a difference In you own life. In conclusion , Brandy’s past ignorance has motivated her to speak out for women In similar situations. Brady starts filth classifying herself in a whole other species. She comes to the realization of her treatment over a conversation with a male friend who was recently divorced.

He states how he is looking for another wife, but not another ND realizes how unfair and unequal her husband is. This is when she finally realizes that to men we are nothing more then Just a an object. After her revelation of her identity, she begins to dissect and define her life by all the chores she is expected to perform and all of a sudden, she realizes she was serving a life sentence. Although, prison might have been a vacation compared to her lifestyle. She now addresses the everyday issues of a common house wife to help prevent similar situations.

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What Is The Definition Of A Wife Or Of Being A Wife In Why I Want A Wife
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