Who is Our Client on The Internet?

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Before we start thinking about how to create a web page or how to improve the current web, just as we must be clear about the objectives of said investment, we must also be clear about who our target audience is.

Who is our client on the Internet? Focus on the line ‘on the Internet because it doesn’t have to be the same user profile as our ‘physical’ buyer!

For this reason, we must analyze the market and our public well to be right with the choice of the typical profile of the potential client, which will be key when considering how to improve our website.

Now you must be thinking that why do we say that you should pay close attention to the choice of your niche and target audience? This is because choosing niches that are very saturated with competition, or niches with a mass of potential clients that are too small, will cause you to lose time and money when thinking about how to make your website or how to improve your current website.

Let’s look for a sufficient balance and distance between crowded niches of competing companies and niches with low acquisition probabilities. That balance will be the beginning of a successful investment for our company and, for this, you can use fantastic tools such as Google Trends.

Improve the web for whom? Focus the web on the real user

We know perfectly well that, if we want to sell through our website and obtain an optimal return on investment, our Internet strategy and our website must improve and focus exclusively on the ‘user’, the potential client who will visit our website.

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It is logical to think that, without users satisfied with our website, neither we nor any other company can achieve their objectives, right? It seems something of the most obvious, but it turns out that it is something that frequently falls into oblivion, or so it seems to see certain projects on the Internet and, especially, certain web designs.

Many web pages of companies seem designed to the taste of the head of the company, or the shift manager, who is sure that he is delighted with the result but that, frankly, must be a nightmare for web users, whose opinions, are much more important than the personal taste of the payer.

The website of the company should be designed to suit the users of the web, and potential customers, not to the taste of the head or manager of the company.

It may sound somewhat shocking, but it is like that and it is something experts learned from the truth of designing Web pages for clients.

Remember that the website that has been designed to suit future users, according to the objectives set by the company, has all the numbers to give benefits and achieve the objectives of profitability set.

Demand an attractive, simple, and tailored web design

Web design is one of the keys to getting your website to succeed and how to improve the current company website. Two seconds. This is the time that a web user needs to write a note to our website and label the company behind it. That label can be ‘elegant’ or ‘shabby’. And be careful, changing that first impression is practically impossible!

So, let’s focus on achieving an elegant and simple web design, faithful to the company, the products, and the objectives set but focused exclusively on the end user, the visitor, and not to increase our business ego.

Therefore, improving the usability of our website must be above improving the graphic aspect, and offering quality and simple content instead of explaining the life and miracles of our company.

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