Our Mind Holds all of our Most Memorable Memories whether it Your

Our mind holds all of our most memorable memories, whether it your first day at school, very your first kiss, or even the first time you watched “The Hunger Games” and cried when Rue died. These types ‘objects in our life that we specifically, hold on to for the reason that we like to really be reminded of an event or a period of fairly your life or simply you cannot let go of the pretty past in a big way.

As I sit here looking at the old wooden rocking horse that my grandmother made so lovingly for me as a child, I see that it looks worn and the shine of the new paint is no more. The blue saddle does not sparkle like it once did, and the red paint is starting to chip off, leaving the bare wood showing through. You can almost see my hand grip imprinted on the handles where I held on tightly. The reins are made out of rope that is separating with time.

The horse’s, the tail was once a beautiful golden yellow yarn that is now a knotty mess. At the base of the horse, you can see that it has galloped for many, many years because the paint below the rocker has faded away. You can see exactly where my little feet touched the top platform of the rocker, the paint and the wood are worn out. As I stare at the details of this rocking horse, I can see where my grandmother used glass to smooth out the curves because the wood has a rough texture, which gives my horse a great sentimental value.

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I know that each stoke was done with love. Therefore, when I have a child, I will pass on my rocking horse and explain about the wonderful woman who made this for me.

When my great-aunt passed away she didn’t have a lot of earthly possessions. But there was a huge swoop of vultures on what little she did have. A few weeks before she died my great-aunt gave me a small glass candy dish. I had a lot of great memories with my great aunt and that little glass Candy dish means more to me than any piece of jewelry or real estate. It was something that she wanted me to have to remember her by. I did not keep the giant box of costume jewelry that I was given after she passed. It was nothing that I would wear myself, and it didn’t have any value or meaning to it. They were just items that she happened to own. I keep the candy dish, and I display it on my bookshelf. But if it were gone tomorrow, that wouldn’t in any way affect my memory of my great-aunt or detract from the real treasure which was the time I got to spend with her.

In 2016, was in the 10th grade, I was walking to class from doing something for my teacher. I walked passed a classroom and heard Purple Rain (the movie) playing. So I went to one of my teacher’s room and asked why they were watching Purple Rain. She told me that Prince had died that morning. My face went numb and I ran out of her room into the hall with tears in my eyes. When I googled it and found out that it was true, I nearly had an anxiety attack. Once I got home, I cried my hardest. My parents did not (and still do not) understand what he meant to me. During my teenage years, I started to develop my understanding of the English language further and with his lyrics. My understanding of lyrics written in a language different from my native one. Prince’s lyrics spoke to me the most because, for every difficult situation I was facing, his soothing words were able to comfort me time after time.

With my love of Prince and understanding what he was about more and more came wanting to be like him, which meant feeling freer in the way that lives my life. As person terrible when it comes to letting go of the past, with my room at one point just filled with memories, that I needed to move on and slap myself in the face and ask myself why do I still have that sick bucket that I never used while I was in hospital, near death, or why I still own my old mobile phones, even though they are cracked .I decided to let go of some things such as the sick bucket and be rational. However, there are still some things in my possession that I hope to never have to part with.

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Our Mind Holds all of our Most Memorable Memories whether it Your
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