The Transformation of Our Weaknesses to Strengths to Achieve Our Goals in Life

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Achievement Is a Do It Yourself Job in The Classrooms of Life

First of all: We live in the do it yourself age where victory and defeat either conquers us or rescues us. Surrendering to disappointment is a victory because the malfunction must be evaluated. Once the failure is considered and examined, judgment and value take shape and form. The calculation can be the answer or estimate of something new. Either way you look at it, a tragedy has been transformed into a triumph.

Realization becomes an awareness and recognition of our actions to detect the problem or breakdown in our lives. On the other hand we are seeking a solution to something or someone that has stopped working in our lives. Next: Being part of the answer instead of the question creates a sense of satisfaction and a good conclusion in our lives. Everybody wants to be a winner, were always in some sort of competition with somebody or something.

Somebody new in our lives like a newborn baby or a person that we just met at a local or far away function. Perhaps a new place, thing, fad, craze, or mania, has given us a new desire to be a winner or sensation in life again. So we start over again, the race has began once more.

In other words: We are back in the big rat race of life. The race will require training and exercise and of course some sort of education. So, what happens when you win the rat race of the day? “You’re still a rat”.

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Perhaps the new competition or battle gives birth to a fresh innovative vision and idea in our lives as we seek achievement and happiness. All over again we develop into a new ground breaking ceremony and once again a new system of actions and procedures describe the new pattern and habits we must personally plan in our search for accomplishment. Using time as a tool instead of and old unsuccessful trend that we were used to. Now we can see fashion and style through a new set of eyes. The sweet aroma of fresh pancakes and butter are the beginning of a new day and a freshly established life. Once again we are part of the solution instead of the setback.

Specifically: The crisis now diminished puts us on the starting line of answers and explanations with a way out. The road of life is easier to comprehend with a new pattern of actions and habits our habits strengthen us or weaken us. Behavior and routine is on the book shelf again and every day is a blank page for fresh new ideas and reinforcement of our old ideas. Performance and rehearsal prepares us for the new journey in our survival, innovation, and pioneering. Consequently our new endurance becomes the blank canvas and clay of an inventive mind, with fresh new ideas… that will benefit, assist, and promote, a new life for yourself and the human race. Which are responsible for careers, business, wildlife, and the atmosphere and environment that we all live and play in.

As demonstrated: Everything takes practice, it all starts the day we are born. All of our lives we are in a dress rehearsal for training and the trials of life. Birth, family, education, careers, and the many benefits of these four basics build the fundamental foundation that we and society stand on. Personal achievement is a do it yourself job, once you learn how. After being taught and trained in class rooms, family life, and educational institutions, we become aware of our responsibility to our country and communities. Several years of discipline and guidance has shaped, fashioned and created a new you. So now you are ready to face accountability for your actions and training in the classrooms of life.

As a result of: Our new successes and achievements, we have created a new atmosphere of instruction, learning, that become power tools of our very own survival … and new way of life. Crucial elements, and vital forces like endurance, awareness, responsiveness required a lot of mental, academic and physical exercise. The brain is like a muscle it must be exercised so that it becomes stronger so we can make sound and solid decisions. Because it all starts in the thinking process and thinking requires a lot of skills and work, you can shut your mouth, cell phone, hybrid car engine off but you can’t turn your brain and thinking off. Your thinking department is open seven days a week and twenty four hours a day_ideas, visions, goals, likes, dislikes, feelings and emotions and love are all stored in your thinking and memory banks let’s face it “our thoughts make us or break us”. Our decisions and habits create our inner and outer being.

Change is something that will never go away, furthermore we can’t hide or avoid change in our lives. How do run and hide from change? You don’t. To sum it up transformation from weakness to strength is a do it yourself job because we live in the do it yourself age. automobiles, cell phones, tablets, laptops, pc’s, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and you … are constantly changing like the weather and the seasons for the better of mankind. Finally: It’s time to change like sunsets and sunrise __If you want to start somewhere why not here. If you want to start some time why not now. It’s never too late to learn, laugh, and play again no matter what age you are. So amuse yourself, have fun and once again participate in your own happiness and achievement because contentment, cheerfulness, and delight will not come your way. You must go to it, so where do you start ? “Right where you’re at”. Champions aren’t made over night, they’re created and formed by trial and error. And our mistakes are bigger educators than our victories. Furthermore remember everything requires practice, patience and endurance. As a result of your hard work weaknesses will transform into strengths one day at a time and easy does it. Trees don’t grow over night and neither will you.

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The Transformation of Our Weaknesses to Strengths to Achieve Our Goals in Life
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