WeaknessesA lot of entrepreneurs don’t have the same ideology but


A lot of entrepreneurs don’t have the same ideology, but they have the same trait which is to success in their business and also the strengths and weaknesses which is also a very important matter for those entrepreneurs which will help them ultimately to be able to understand their weaknesses and know how to work around it and solve it. For that matter because I have strengths, I also have some weakness which I try to fix and overcome.

One of the weaknesses which I believe that could be the impatience in having the required results which would make me work in matter of risk-taking behavior. It can also make me unable to focus on any kind of project or any kind of details or becoming a very earnest person and that will make the project work in a slow-moving pass.

Another weakness that I believe which could hinder my work process is not being able to act-oriented and that results in setbacks the work that I conduct.

Acting-oriented people often find themselves eager to take action and to do their work with earnest motivation.

And I can see myself becoming that person to the entrepreneur personality; I am very motivated to learn the needed materials which will be the cure of this beneficial behavior.

Being both an impatience person to have required results for becoming a successful individual and not being able to act fast in the matter of making the decisive decisions are my biggest weaknesses and the highest wall in front of me to become a successful entrepreneur who can achieve the required success rate.

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I believe that to overcome both of these weaknesses I can take some training to conquer these weaknesses and also by anticipating the required methods to solve these problems when we try to reduce the difficult challenge by anticipating what it will be like if I work in an moderate and earnest way to be able cope with any kind of upcoming problems. These weaknesses can also fixed over practicing and working efficiently for a period of time and that will ultimately help me to conquer these difficulties and do better in the process.

I believe that this will be make me be a person who will have the idea which will make me work better and manage the time better to fulfill the required changes to be more for that. I also will be able to learn to work in a slow pass to grow the business I have before being able to relax from the work I need to finish.


What I have learned while moving in “Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment” is that I must have a great self-confidence and thinking outside the box. As this work needs much concentrating on making new decisions that will make the company survive all the circumstances that it may face during its establishment. I would be able to understand my ability as an entrepreneur from many experiences such as working in various companies that helped me in improving my entrepreneurship skills.

This also gave me a great self-confidence and willingness to be an entrepreneur due to the ability to win easy money, and the adventure that is driven due to be an entrepreneur. The main Reason for that matter is I will risk all the money that is put in the project, or it would make him win more money.

Yet, this sense of adventure must be planned so that the losses would not be great. There is also the willingness to be the owner of my own project so that I do not work with any one or the partnership would be a small one. There are a lot of reasons that help in creating a good entrepreneur which the eagerness for more success.

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