Hispanic Parenting Support and Values.

Falling between authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles, Hispanic parents provide support while also instilling values of obedience and hard work in their children, ultimately influencing social and cognitive development. Hispanics tend to be very nurturing when it comes to parenting their children. As a collective culture, there is a strong value in keeping close but also in promoting independence, especially when it comes to males and the eldest in the family. There is an inconsistency in the parenting styles among many Hispanic families because “there are multiple dimensions to consider as parents strategically negotiate between teaching children heritage values while also facilitating mainstream integration and involvement”.

For example, there is a vast difference in SES among those who live in a more rural part of the Mexico compared to those who live closer to the city. Therefore, the strictness in parenting style, the high demands that parents have on their children, and the range of nurturing may come from the fact that some families want their children to get ahead in life, meaning that they value more cognitive development among their children.

Parents who are well off economically may promote more social development by providing more nurture and less physical punishment. In doing this, high SES parents are encouraging the Hispanic cultural aspect of social integration.

A similarity among the parenting styles of high and low SES families is the “adherence to the cultural value of respeto, which emphasizes obedience and deference to adults [and which] appears to go hand-in-hand with an authoritarian parenting style”.

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Because Hispanics hold a strong value in the respect of others, especially older adults, parenting style may be similar in that they both promote the development of their child through constant modeling, monitoring, and verbal commands. This in turn helps in development because children learn to understand consequences, develop a moral sense, and display more empathy.

The value of religion in the Hispanic culture, along with its many religious celebrations, contributes to the developmental wellbeing of youths and adolescents as well as to future generations. Mexico, along with other Hispanic countries, are largely Roman Catholic and participate in the practice of common celebrations like baptism and first communion. For Hispanics, “religion embodies a set of values, and these values act as a bridge between one’s personal faith and the faith community to which one belongs” This means that religion is an important aspect of culture, which is why for many Hispanic families, it is imperative to include religion when passing down traditions, family histories, and stories from one generation to next.

The importance of religion to the Hispanic culture is apparent in the many traditions and celebrations that are held every year, like on El Día de Los Muertos (The day of the dead) and Día de Reyes (Kings Day). These celebrations closely tie culture, tradition, and religion together and encourage everyone to participate in celebrating. Religion in the Hispanic culture affects development in a way that, once again, ties culture, religion, and tradition. A quinceañera, for example, is a traditional religious ceremony that celebrates the transition of a young girl to adulthood. This ceremony, among many others, impact the social and emotional development of young girls because they are expected to grow in maturity and independence, leaving behind their childhood in exchange for responsibility and status among other adults. Overall, religion is an important aspect of culture because it influences young individuals to develop into adults and, in turn, contribute to society, assume responsibility among their families, and pass down the traditions from one generation to the next.

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