Parenting Styles Research Topics

A parenting style is a complex of methods and techniques which are used by parents in the process of the bringing up of their children. There are many approaches to the children’s bringing up and each of them has the right for existence. The question of the parental style has always disturbed people, because the problem of bringing up is the most difficult and controversial one.

Essay Example on Research Topics On Parenting Styles

There are two main approaches which are based on the psychological and pedagogical practice: the active control of parents and the influence of the environment on the development of a child.

For example, parents can control the child all the time and show what and how to do; or they can simply observe his development and promote him in the process of the achievement of his life experience.

A child can develop itself and learn the world around it accumulation the life experience and knowledge about the world.

On the basis of these two approaches three styles of parenting appeared. The first one is called authoritarian and is based on the complete control of the child’s life by its parents. Parents control every step and action of their child and inform them how to do every action correctly. Indulgent parenting style is the opposite way of bringing up children and is based on the complete freedom for a child. Children can do whatever and whenever they like and nobody prevents them to do all they want.

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As a result children are independent but it is impossible to control them in future, as they have got used to receive all they wish. The last parenting style is the authoritative style which stands in the middle of the previous ones: parents facilitate their child, set the rules and demands but never overload the child with them.

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