An Explanation of the Four Parenting Styles Authoritative Parenting, Permissive Parenting, Authoritarian Parenting, and Uninvolved Parenting and Their Impact on the Development of a Child

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Parents and developmental psychologist are particularly concerned on how some parenting skills or rather styles impact the development of a child. Additionally, it is has been quite hard for the developmental psychologist to establish a clear connection between the cause and effect links between particular parenting skills and the later behavior exhibited by a child. While some children correspond well with the parenting skills that seek to edify good character, some children in a similar environment respond differently to the same and consequently show astonishingly different character.

Despite the fact that no clear connection between particular parenting skills and the later behavior of a child have been established, researchers concerned with the subject have since retrieved convincing links between particular parenting skills and the aftermath behavior exhibited of a child. There are four typical parenting styles that all the developmental psychologist agree upon. These parenting styles are; authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, authoritarian parenting, and uninvolved parenting. For the purpose of this essay, the four parenting styles will be explicated profoundly.

Additionally, the impact of these parenting styles will also be explained.

Authoritarian parenting is the style of parenting where the parent set strict rules and he or she expect the children to adhere to the rules with no compromise. If the children fail to follow the rules set by the parent or rather parents, they will be a punished. Though the rules set by these parents may be perverse sometimes, children are given no choices or options.

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Parents that embrace authoritarian parenting styles have no explanation of their rules, they have a culture of expecting their children doing whatever they ask them to without any options. Though these parents are unresponsive to their children, they complement their high demands from their children with very high expectations from them as well. Based on research findings, this kind of parenting have certain repercussions. This type of parenting have been established to be effectual in making children proficient and obedient, however these children compellingly rank low in the level of happiness and have low self-esteem.

The second type of parenting style is permissive parenting. Unlike authoritarian parents, permissive parents demand less from their children in that they are less demanding as well as responsive. Being that these parents have low expectations of their children regarding self control and maturity, such parents discipline their children in rare occasions. These parents are generally considered lenient and untraditional. These parents often communicate with their children quite often and show compassion by nurturing their children. Considering that these children end up adopting a character from their friends rather than acquiring that of their parents or rather parents, such children often show lack of self-discipline, are more self-involved and demanding, feel insecure, and sometimes exhibit poor social skills.

The third typical parenting style is the uninvolved painting style. Parents that embrace this parenting style show little or no concern with the development of their children. These parents are less demanding and even sometimes unresponsive to their children. These parents normally disengage themselves with activities that are paramount in their children’s growth and development despite the fact that they normally provide the basic needs to their children. In some cases, parents that exhibit uninvolved parenthood neglect the needs and cast-off the responsibility to the children. Children nurtured by parents that embrace uninvolved parenting style become independent, become prone to alcohol and substance abuse, show anxiety and fear owing the deficiency of family support, and grow into becoming emotionally withdrawn. Finally, the fourth approved parenting style is the authoritative parenting style. Expecting children to adhere to the set rules and guidelines strongly without negotiation is the similarity between authoritarian parenting style and authoritative parents. However, these parents are tolerant enough to listen to their children’s opinions. In some cases where children fail to meet the guidelines and adhere to the rules set by the parents, these parents are willing to negotiate and withdraw their punishments in that instead of being unduly restrictive, parents are emphatic. They involve their children in making decisions that involve them while allowing them to discuss and express opinions. In the aftermath, children raised by authoritative parents develop good social skills, express profound ambition and desire to learn and develop new skills, and more happy.

In a nutshell, the typical parenting styles as mentioned in the herein are authoritative parenting style, permissive parenting style, authoritarian parenting style and uninvolved parenting style. In both authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles, parents set rules and guidelines that these parents expect their children to follow strictly. However, unlike authoritarian parents, authoritative parents engage their children in making decisions that involve them. In permissive parenting style, parents expect less from their children, in essence they are less demanding while on the other hand very responsive. In uninvolved parenting styles, parents show little or no concern to the development of their child. In some extreme cases, these parents end neglect the responsibility of providing their children with the needs they require.

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