We Publish Different Parenting Styles

Throughout this semester, I’ve learned many things about child development.But one thing that i found significant was the different parenting styles.It is very integral for a parent to have good parenting skills for their children.Parenting styles can impact a child’s cognitive development and can have an affect on them in the long run. Every parent think they parenting style is crucial in their life.There are 4 parenting styles that we discussed in class this semester. Authoritative, Authoritarian, permissive,and uninvolved.

Permissive parents usually allow their children to go out wherever they want late at night and usually end up in some kind of trouble.

Most of my friends had permissive parents and were always allowed to hang out late.I grew up with strict parents and was never allowed to hang out with any of my friends at night.While most of friends were out on Saturdays nights ,i had to be home.Uninvolved parents don’t usually know what is going on in their child’s life and usually those kids have a difficult time succeeding in school One of my best friends was raised in authoritarian parents lifestyle.

Her parents were always strict on her this caused her to be rebellious.She would always try sneaking out of her house, because she was never allowed to be out with friends after school.

I feel that the Authoritative style is the most proper way of . The authoritative style use positive reinforcement and reason to guide a child.

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(Deward 2018) allows a child and parent to communicate in an effective and healthy manner. They allow child to express their feelings to their parent and their parent will continuously support them. In addition, the parent will not always do what the child wants but maybe the parent and the child can come to an agreement. They believe in disciplining their children but the punishment is not violent or harsh to the child.

Authoritative parents will also include their child in family decision-making,it give the child a sense of power and involvement because the get to help decide things the family will do. When I was a child, To conclude,Authoritative parenting style is the effective form to raise a child.It emphasizes both responsiveness and demandingness.These parents show warmth and kindness and are firm when they need to be.Every parent has their own style of raising their children.Every household has different methods of raising their children .Each parent knows what is best for their kids.

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