Maybank S Core Values As Organization Values Accounting Essay


Khoo Teck Puat went to work for OCBC, get downing his calling as a simple bank clerk. By the 1950s, Khoo had risen to a place of senior executive. By the terminal of the decennary, nevertheless, Khoo recognized that his chances at OCBC remained limited. Given the deficiency of farther promotion unfastened to him at OCBC, every bit good as what he considered the company ‘s narrow position on its hereafter, Khoo decided to put up his ain bank and applied for a banking licence.

That licence was granted to Khoo and a figure of other OCBC executives who left the bank to organize Malayan Banking Berhad in 1960.

Malayan Banking Berhad or Maybank was incorporated in Malaysia on 31 May 1960 and commenced operations on 12 September 1960. On 17 February 1962, Maybank was listed on the so Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ( today Bursa Malaysia ) . Maybank is today among the top companies by market capitalization on Bursa Malaysia.

Maybank is Malaysia ‘s largest fiscal services group with entire assets transcending RM330 billion.

The Group has an extended planetary web of 1,750 offices in 14 states viz. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, United Kingdom, U.S.A. , Bahrain, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and Uzbekistan

The Group offers a comprehensive scope of fiscal services and merchandises runing from commercial banking, investing banking, Islamic banking, cards issue, offshore banking, leasing and hire purchase, insurance, factorization, legal guardian services, plus direction, stock broking, campaigner services, venture capital and Internet banking. Today, the Maybank Group has over 40,000 employees who serve over 18 million clients worldwide, with 9.

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5 million clients in Malaysia entirely.

Maybank’s Core Values as Organization Values

Maybank has five nucleus values as foundation of concern which came out from their Logo ( T.I.G.E.R ) , all its staffs are guided by five nucleus values, which they are to uphold, emulate and body these values in their day-to-day working lives.

Decision Making Process

Decision doing procedure is an of import function for senior direction to guarantee sustainability of its administration success. Due to excellence  efficiency as one of its cardinal value, transparence is really of import in determination devising procedure. For illustration, the composing of the Board reasonably reflects the involvement of the bulk stockholder, which is adequately represented by the assignment of its nominee managers without compromising the involvement of the minority stockholders. The influence of the campaigners for the major stockholder of Maybank is balanced by the presence of the independent managers on the Board whose corporate positions carry important weight in the Board’s deliberation and decision-making procedure. In this respect, the independent managers are in consequence stand foring the involvement of the minority stockholders by virtuousness of their functions and duties.

The independent managers do non take part in the twenty-four hours to- twenty-four hours direction of the Group and do non prosecute in any concern dealing or other relationships with the Group in order to guarantee that they remain genuinely capable of exerting independent judgement and act in the best involvements of the Group and its stockholders. Further, the Board is satisfied and assured that no person or group of managers has unchained powers of determination that could make a possible struggle of involvement.

The Board believes that the quality of its managers, each of whom offers a wide scope of accomplishments, cognition and experience, ensures that they are able to dispute, develop and drive the Group ‘s vision and scheme, and that the administration criterions are continuously upheld. The Chairman will ever guarantee that the Board ‘s determinations are based on consensus of the bulk, and any concerns or dissenting positions expressed by any managers on any affairs deliberated at meetings of the Board or any of its Committees every bit good as the meeting ‘s determination, will consequently be addressed and recorded in the relevant proceedingss of meetings.

The nucleus values are non merely intend for the direction squad, it besides has affects its in-between direction, line directors and its staff. The nucleus values are the guideline for its staff to base at for determination devising procedure. For an illustration, if the supervisor is measuring their staff public presentation, it will be made base on its nucleus value on how the staff has met the ends set upon them such as Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & A ; Efficiency & A ; Relationship Building.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and processs are the nervus of an organisation. Its failure will hold inauspicious impact on company ‘s public presentation. As such, Maybank has ensured conformity with internal control, and the prescribed Torahs and ordinances by the regulators. These policies and processs are set out in the Group ‘s Standard Practice Instruction and updated from clip to clip in tandem with alterations to the concern environment or regulative guidelines. As unity is one of its cardinal value, they has established necessary controls to safeguard the bank and supply value added services to its stockholders and clients such as:

  • An one-year concern program and budget is submitted to the Board for blessing. Actual public presentations are reviewed against the targeted consequences on a monthly footing leting timely responses and disciplinary actions to be taken to extenuate hazards. The Board besides reviews regular studies from the direction on the key runing statistics, every bit good as legal and regulative affairs. The Board besides approves any alterations or amendments to the Group ‘s policies.
  • The Board has besides set up several Board Committees to help the Board in executing its inadvertence maps. Specific duties have been delegated to these Board Committees, all of which have formalised footings of mention. These Committees have the authorization to analyze all affairs within their range and study to the Board with their recommendations.
  • Group Executive Risk Committee, Group Management Committee, Group IT Steering Committee, Group Management Credit Committee, Group Procurement Tender Committee ( now restructured and known as Group Procurement Committee – GPC ) , Group Staff Committee, Internal Audit Committee, Asset and Liability Committee and Credit Committee are besides established as portion of its stewardship map to guarantee effectual direction and supervising of the countries under the several Committee ‘s horizon.
  • Recruitment and publicity policies/guidelines within the Group are established to guarantee appropriate individuals of quality are selected to make full places available. Formal preparation programmes either face-to-face or through e-learning, semi and one-year public presentation assessments and other relevant processs are in topographic point to guarantee that staff are competent and adequately trained in dispatching their responsibilities and duties efficaciously. Proper guidelines are besides drawn-up for expiration of staff.
  • aA clearly defined model with appropriate authorization and authorization bounds has been approved by the Board for acquisitions and disposals of assets, presenting stamps, writing-off of operational and recognition points, contributions, every bit good as general and operational disbursals.

Based on their reappraisal, the external hearers have reported to the Board that nil had come to their attending that causes them to believe that the Statement on Internal Control is inconsistent with their apprehension of the procedures the Board have adopted in the reappraisal of the adequateness and unity of the internal control of the Group.

Planning & Control

It is of the position that the internal control model is designed to pull off the Group ‘s hazards within an acceptable hazard net income, instead than extinguish the hazard of failure to accomplish the policies, ends and aims of the Group. It can therefore lone supply sensible instead than absolute confidence of effectivity against material misstatement of direction and fiscal information or against fiscal losingss and fraud.

Maybank has put in topographic point an ongoing procedure for placing, measuring, monitoring and pull offing important hazards that may impact the accomplishment of concern aims. The procedure which has been instituted throughout the Group is updated and reviewed from clip to clip to accommodate the alterations in the concern environment and this ongoing procedure has been in topographic point for the whole fiscal twelvemonth under reappraisal.

The function of Management includes:

  • identifying and measuring the hazards faced ;
  • explicating related policies and processs to pull off these hazards ;
  • designing, runing and supervising a suited system of internal controls ; and
  • implementing the policies approved by the Board.

Control Structure

The cardinal procedures that the Directors have established in reexamining the adequateness and unity of the system of internal controls include the followers:

Risk Management Framework

Maybank has established an administration construction with clearly defined lines of duty, bounds of authorization and answerability aligned to concern and operations demands which support the care of a strong control environment. It has extended the duties of the Audit Committee to include the appraisal of internal controls, through the Internal Audit ( “ IA ” ) map. The Board has besides delegated the duty of reexamining the effectivity of hazard direction to the Risk Management Committee. The effectivity of the hazard direction system is monitored and evaluated by the Group Risk Management map, on an ongoing footing.

Risk direction rules, policies, processs and patterns are updated on a regular basis to guarantee relevancy and conformity with Torahs and ordinances and are made available to all employees. To farther enhance hazard consciousness within the Maybank Group, a series of Risk Awareness Programs have been conducted at all degrees of staff underscoring the importance of control environment. The Group has besides adopted a whistle blowing policy, supplying an avenue for employees to describe existent or suspected misconduct or misdemeanors of the company ‘s policies and ordinances in a safe and confidential mode.

Constitution of the three ( 3 ) lines of Defence concept – hazard taking units, hazard control units and internal audit. The hazard taking units are responsible for the daily direction of hazards built-in in their concern activities while the hazard control units are responsible for puting the hazard direction model and development tools and methodological analysiss. Complementing this is internal audit, which provides independent confidence of the effectivity of the hazard direction attack.

Information Processing & Communication

Maybank Group ‘s Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the sound rules and criterions of good pattern in the fiscal services industry, which are observed by the managers and its employees.

Both managers and employees are required to continue the highest unity in dispatching their responsibilities and in traffics with stakeholders, clients, fellow employees and regulators. This is in line with the Group ‘s Core Values which give accent on behavioral moralss when covering with 3rd party and fellow employees. The Group communicates the Code to all managers and employees upon beginning of their employment and is deemed to be portion of the Footings and Conditions of Service.

Maybank, as a keeper of public financess, has a duty to safeguard its unity and credibleness. It is on this apprehension that the administration sets out clearly the codification of moralss and behavior for its staff. The codification stipulates the sound principles that will steer all Maybank staff in dispatching their responsibilities. It sets out the criterions of good banking pattern.

In add-on to these, staff should:

  • Ensure unity and truth of records and/or minutess.
  • Ensure carnival and just intervention in all concern traffics on behalf of the Bank.
  • Keep the highest criterion of service in their relationship with clients.

Maintain confidentiality of all dealingss and traffics between the Bank and its clients. However, confidential information refering a client may be given or made available to third parties merely with anterior written consent of the client or when revelation is authorised under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 1989.

  • Pull off their fiscal affairs good and non capable to monetary embarrassment.
  • Observe and comply with Torahs and ordinances associating to the operations of the Bank.
  • Show grasp, regard and client centricity
  • Develop long-run and reciprocally good relationships
  • Build client trueness and understand their outlooks
  • Develop strong and friendly working relationship with co-workers to accomplish concern ends
  • Embrace and support diverseness of work force ( e.g. gender, race, experiences & A ;positions )
  • Build reciprocally good relationship with all stakeholders


At Maybank, staffs are guided by its Core Values of Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & A ; Efficiency and Relationship edifice. As an built-in portion of its staff day-to-day attempts, these values guide them to pursuit for growing and excellence. Any aspiration can come true with the right chance is the cardinal word of Maybank. The direction squad has set their sights on choosing the brightest heads to be portion of their squad. The hunt is on for divine persons who are ready to travel the distance with one of the taking fiscal establishments in Malaysia. Maybank offers the needed chances for growing and excellence to accomplish a reciprocally good partnership and winning border.

Maybank focuses on capturing growing chances in high growing while taking a proactive and conservative attack to capital direction by go oning to set up their presence in high growing markets. Maybank ‘s strong path record of fiscal strengths and high recognition evaluations allow them to maintain their impulse and continue with robust public presentation even amidst the current environment.

The re-energised Core Values, i.e. acronym T.I.G.E.R. which stands for Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & A ; Efficiency and Relationship Building was the consequence of the focal point groups conducted with Maybankers from assorted units across Sectors. This simplified version purposes to complement our bing Core Values and to do it easy for all employees to retrieve and understand the values. Note:

  • The bing Core Values remains unchanged
  • The Re-energized Core Valuess are the simplified version that complement the current Core Valuess
  • The Core Values is the foundation that supports Maybank Group ‘s Aspirations
  • The Core Valuess are values or behavioral features that form the foundation on which we perform work and behavior ourselves

By beef uping their nucleus concern and franchise, they gain competitory advantage by accomplishing synergisms across their diverse group. Domestically, they aim to accomplish leading across cardinal and profitable sections. Internationally, they capture value from new investings and go on to prosecute organic enlargement by presenting invention and superior client value. They are the top recruiter of endowment and view their leading pool and talent grapevine as cardinal to gaining their aspirations. They invariably seek to heighten public presentation direction and accomplish cost optimization by concentrating on effectual Information Technology operations and heightening employee productiveness.

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