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I had the privilege of taking an ethics class that asked me to list out what values were important to me. I thought I’d share some of the things I wrote down and finish off with my personal mission statement. This essay will give you a unique insight into what values I find to be important.

What is important to me? Service, integrity, and loyalty are very important to me. Service is a big part of my life and allows me to continue to hold myself to a higher moral standard.

Integrity is one of the key values that pushes me to do what is right even when others are not coking. Loyalty increases the longevity of a relationship. What do I value? I value service, loyalty, integrity, accountability, courage, discipline, creativity and innovation.

Creativity/limitation Being creative/innovative is thinking outside the box on many issues. It’s challenging authority and figuring out why certain procedures are done the way they are. It allows me to be pro-active finding solutions to problems that need to be solved.

I have been placed in many situations that have required me to think creatively to solve a problem. For example, on the battle field resources are limited and time is priority. I was placed in-charge of a crew that had to erect a guard shack in five days.

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Keep in mind the Marines estimated the project would take 3 weeks to complete. My crew and I pulled together some creative ingenuity and collected the resources we needed. We completed the project within three days. Creativity and innovation can ago long way and is a valuable asset to have in your box of values.

Writing A Value Statement

Loyalty Loyalty is the devotion to commitments, others, and myself. It is the faithfulness to one’s duty which may include friendship, organization, profession, religion or country. Morally strong loyalties do not undermine the loyalties of others. They are given freely and do not have expectations of receiving something in return. I exercise loyalty with family but most of all with my brothers in arms. I have had the chance to experience war and that crazy feeling of loyalty that you would do anything for the guy next to you.

For example, while my team and I were in our work-up phase for manipulation we endured grueling life like battle scenarios. We were on a rooftop at night after we Just raided a building. We were under heavy simulation fire when a “notional” grenade flopped up on the deck of the rooftop. I noticed my corpsman tanning right next to it. Without thinking I pushed him out of the way and laid on top of it. With a team of 30 guys and only 1 corpsman out of the bunch, he was the most valuable asset. I believe I exemplified what loyalty was that night and my corpsman never forgot that moment.

I had loyalty not only to him but to my entire team. If our corpsman were to get injured or end up a fatality it could be detrimental to the team. Discipline Discipline is the focused attitude of self-control that drives results. Discipline is the epitome of enduring and overcoming constant adversity that we deal with on a daily axis. In order to exercise the right discipline to be successful, we have to first accept total responsibility for ourselves and the situation. It is important to have the self- discipline to keep on track when only intermediate results are apparent.

Discipline is a big thing in the military and is key to having a successful career. Every soldier, sailor, airmen, and marine is critiqued on their self-discipline every time he or she is in uniform, but it goes beyond the uniform. It carries out into business and daily life. I have exercised discipline when times of adversity have been before me. I have had he self-discipline to stay strong during times that have proven to break others. For example, I have faced multiple adverse situation while I have been in school. Now I may have not finished yet and am going on 8 years now, but I have the discipline to finish.

Courage Courage is doing the right thing when everyone else is afraid to do so. It is the ability to stand up for what you believe in and not let others bring you down because you are different. Courage allows confidence to stand out. I experience courage on a regular basis. I experienced courage when I decided to stop fearing the thought of Ewing deployed and volunteered when senior personnel asked for volunteers to deploy with a different battalion. I didn’t have to think hard and volunteered at the first opportunity. Courage in business is to meet the demands of our profession when adversity strikes.

Without courage we have no control over our lives. Accountability Accountability is key to tracking results of ourselves and peers and the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions. We must identify and hold ourselves accountable for the commitments we agree upon and the actions that we do. For example, I am the lead embark petty officer for my detachment. I am in-charge of tracking the troop movement from point A to B. I am accountable for each member from the time they leave their residence until the time they are gained to the appropriate command.

If someone is to get lost or goes missing I am accountable for that person. Troop movement is a large ordeal within the military and it is important that we keep accountability of our troops. Service “Service before self” establishes my commitment to the Navy and our country. I must subordinate our personal wants and desires for the betterment of the Navy and mission. This requires personal sacrifice and a close examination of my motives. I have to ask myself, am I doing what is right for the mission and organization or am I doing what is right for me as an individual?

Many times these motives may be in conflict with one another. I can only resolve these conflicts by objectively evaluating the intentions of my actions. I have to find the true assessment of my motives against the ethical and professional standards of my profession and holding myself accountable for meeting or exceeding these standards. If we are not accountable, we will fail to have the right priorities. Integrity I think this is one of the most important core values to have. Integrity it the key core value to have in any organization, relationship and/or situation.

It is the quality that provides honesty and strong moral principle. In a way integrity is the glue to all core values. It is the moral compass that guides us to decipher what is right. I know with integrity that I must be true to myself before I can be true to others or an organization. I must hold myself accountable to maintain standards so I can hold my subordinates accountable. For example, I had a moment of integrity when I informed the other company’s Job superintendent of why I was visiting the Job site. I had to visit a Job site due to a near miss with a forklift.

My company wanted to keep it in house and quiet, but my moral compass was pointing me in the direction to tell the Job Sup the truth. I relayed the information to him in an honest fashion. Safety is very important on a Job site and it would have been morally wrong to not inform the person in-charge of the Job site of the violation. Integrity is the foundation of my core values and what keeps me grounded. What are my strengths and talents? I am a very service oriented person. I have a huge sense in pride for what I have accomplished in regards to my military career, a career that is still in an adolescent stage.

I feel my experiences within my military career have helped shape my talents and strengthened them further that I thought could be achieved. Essentially the military core values have helped provide a foundation to my personal core values. My Legacy I want to be known as a good Christian man who put his service before all else. One of the reasons is to be known as a leader, and someone who loves and would die for his country. My personal core values statement I am a man focused on my faith, my family, and service to my country. I strive to lead from the front with integrity, loyalty, and service.

Conclusion The values I have chosen align with the military career path I have chosen to follow. Although these values are a small glimpse of the many values needed to succeed, these are the values I find important. I have given examples of how they apply in my career and family. Many of the values listed can be found in my family and peer values. My values have helped shape me into a positive leader that leads from the front and is always first to the conflict. I will continue to shape and define these values as my career grows.

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