We need to make a change

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Global warming has been a growing threat to our planet for decades. The continued use of fossil fuels and other greenhouse producing fuels will rapidly warm our planet. If we don’t change this, we could have catastrophic on our planet. Can we honestly sustain our planet with the current events?

It i said By the year 2100 the planet would have warmed by 2 fahrenheit.  And is only the beginning, the polar ice caps would most definitely melt, causing a rise of sea water levels.

Cities on the coast would very much be engulfed by the sea, as its possible the sea could rise as much as 50ft. With less land and the retreating population inland, it could be the start of a worldwide famine.

Though, this is in the future where most of us won’t be around to witness it, what is affecting us right now is the weather, specifically hurricanes. In the article of Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, from the year 2002, it has been seen that hurricanes have been gradually getting stronger and more destructive.

And they’re only getting stronger. Due to the warming of oceans, and hurricanes requiring ‘warm’ waters for it to form and become strong, it’s just a mixture of complete destruction. And we already witness it, in 2018, one of the strongest and destructive hurricanes in history hit the continental United States.

For many decades, the United States and other countries have been using nuclear energy to power their cities.

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It is reliable, affordable, carbon free, and it seems to be our best energy source in the safety of the environment. But it does come with its downsides, the waste that it produces “used uranium,” which is very radioactive and difficult to store away forever in concrete canisters. Any breakage of the stored material could cause world wide radiation damage to the planet.

Fossil fuels have been widely used throughout the world to power their cities. Burning fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat causing global warming. And it also creates pollutions, harmful to us and organisms of the Earth. And we are rapidly running out of it, its apparent we only have 50 years of oil left in the world.

Our best bet is on solar, wind and hydroelectric power. Requires low maintenance and nearly an infinite energy source. Though it’s costly for many countries and not as reliable as the previous energy sources. But if we want our planet to last us and honestly not destroy ourselves and the future generation we need to make this change.

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