Does this dress make me look fat? There is wide variety of

“Does this dress make me look fat?” There is wide variety of what our society needs to be educated on but the ones “this paper will address” is how society discriminates on gender and appearance. To embrace greater diversity means we need greater understanding of our differences. You can’t find a person with a vagina or penis whether a single, mother, father, or a teenager who haven’t been in the place where they doubted their attractiveness based on their weight.

Both people with penises and vaginas both scale the attractiveness based on what social media and magazines promotes. Which they started to blame the victims and point fingers on what society calls, “war on obesity.” Many people in society explored the subject that our weight is woven into a person’s physical appearance. One’s often determines your opportunities and lifestyle. Being overweight often limits one’s chances for having an equal social footing environment compared to what a skinny person can have.

On a daily basis, people have to try their best to overcome the criticism of being “fat” from society and the media. The media’s messages that, “we are not enough” are pervasive.

Joyce Huff publisher of, Access to the Sky Airplane Seats and Fat Bodies as Contested Spaces shows an example with how society treats people who are overweight by “The debate over Southwest airlines decision to enforce a long-standing policy requiring large passengers to pay a higher fare highlights the ways in which the imperative to normalize may serve corporate interests at the expense of those individuals” (Huff).

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With this being announced, society is degrading people to the point that they now must pay a higher price or buy two seats to fly anywhere. Society see’s those who are overweight as being more bothersome and uglier than they should be. Society has come to the level of judgement and no compassion for a person overweight. Onlookers judge without knowing if they have no control over their weight. There are some diseases in the world such as Thyroid issues, Diabetes, and Elephantiasis that cause you to gain weight no matter what you do. Society promotes thinking that fatphobia is a real thing but really, it’s a myth. It’s sad to watch people with vaginas and people with penises go through life with eating disorders because of their fear of becoming fat. A story by Michael Hobbes called Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong is a very compassionate piece and shows how Hobbes wanted to let ladies voice their thoughts, struggles, and not put words in their mouths to express themselves.

Another thing that is commonly perpetuated is the idea that working women who are “overweight” and how they think those who are fat lack both self-control and have a poor work ethic. In an article written by Virgie Tovar who became an expert in body image reaches out to other people with ovaries who have gone through or are currently going through such body image distress. Tovar says, “Fat women are taught that we are the problem and that in order to be treated fairly we have to alter our bodies drastically at any cost. The truth is, we don’t always need to change our bodies. The culture needs to get rid of bigotry.” (Tovar, 2018). In the article Why Fat is a Feminist Issue written by Abigail Saguy it states that how only ten percent of CEO’s are females and “overweight” or “obese.” Further, more people, in general, will be polite to a fat person with testicles rather to a fat person with a vagina because men are supposed to be bigger and have bigger appetites than women. (Saguy,2011). In the article Unvictimizable: Toward a Fat Black Disability Studies by Anna Mollow states that employers wrongly assume fat people can’t do common activities because of their lack of ability. (Mollow, 106). So, in other words some employees don’t want to take the chance on overweight people in the workplace.

Society not only discriminates toward people who are fat, but as well as those who are transgender. To name a few that have started to change society are Laverne Cox is well known from having a major role in Orange is The New Black which made her the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award is acting. RuPaul Charles who has produced and hosted his reality competition series known as RuPaul’s Drag Race, which he has received three Primetime Emmy Awards. In Rupaul’s autobiography, he states “You can call me he. You can call me she. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee; I don’t care! Just as long as you call me.” (RuPaul, 2018). Rocky Horror Picture Show Cult also known as the “midnight show” has been playing since 1975 (Rocky Horror Picture, 2018). This was a show put on by people with penises but dressed up as ladies and those who have fantasies and questions about their sexuality came to the show to see that their fantasies and sexuality are attractive. Still today people still put on the same plays. Well known makeup artist are starting to change society and they are people with penises. Makeup artist named Jeffree Star is very open about his sexuality and passion. (Star, 2018). Star pushes society to go for their dreams doesn’t matter your sexuality as long as you are happy and exploring who we are as a person, society will eventually follow. These are just a few famous people and the things that they have wdone to change society and they will continue to.

Like I have stated there’s nothing good that comes out of being judgmental against people because of their gender or their appearance there’s not much you can tell about someone just by looking at them. We don’t know if they have a medical condition, eating disorder, lost weight, or what they have gone through in life. We need more education about the people around us, we need to open our minds and have compassion toward those who are around us, makes society follow. It’s important to see that picking and choosing who we treat with more respect than the other harms everyone else. How we see and treat people are taught to us by our family, culture, and friends, so if we want to start seeing positive changes in society, then it’s time to start checking within ourselves.

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Does this dress make me look fat? There is wide variety of
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